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Thread: ACC Coastal

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    ACC Coastal

    This is important as I hope my Tigers will win the Alantic Division and play against the Coastal Champ.
    Best for Clemson is if this is a ranked team like last year when Miami and Clemson met. Both had just one loss and were ranked high. The Tigers won in a "squeaker" 38-10.

    Right now it is down to VT, VA, Pitt, and Miami.
    All have a couple losses and only Miami is presently ranked at #25.
    That is not good - for Clemson.

    Going forward, Miami could win or loose in the games. I would say 100% they will loose again as no games ahead are easy for them.

    Starting the season Virginia was ranked near the bottom of the ACC but has done well. I did not see that coming, but suspect they now have the inside track to win the ACC Coastal.
    Actually the math of the Coastal is more than I am interested in doing right now.

    I have gone to BOWLS or Championships where all those colleges (VT, VA, Pitt, and Miami) played and Clemson was not there, so I may be a fan. I do love a good road trip, but my travel partner got too old and too cranky.

    I saw VA in two Bowl games.
    They beat WVA 48-22 and beat Pitt (in the Big East then) 23-16.
    Both times the great Matt Schaub was QB. He won a lot of awards in the NFL including MVP at the Pro Bowl. In '09 led the NFL in passing. Not many like him have played the game.

    One of the best moments I ever saw at a game was in Charlotte. The other team (WVA) ran onto the field to fanfare and crazy crap. The crowd (mostly WVA fans) were going all out, it was exciting.
    Then Virginia slowly walked on to the field and over to their bench in silence. This quieted the crowd. It was eerie. They then completely controlled the game.

    I believe VA will be favored in all games left. A loss to GT (who destroyed VT last night) or UNC would not keep them out of the ACC Championship if they win the others.
    This year Virginia is showing that "experts" don't know crap.

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    This season is unbelievably hard to predict! Miami looked bad in a loss to BC last night! I am concerned about GA today as FL looks so good in recent weeks. I am waiting until today after the scores come in to make my FF prediction. You call it "FUN" but it is very stressful on my heart!

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