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    Would you say that its Alabama then everybody else?


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    ...or they have a weak schedule of opponents that they run up the score on to impress the "figure skating judges" that determine in this "sport" who is "the best"? I'll start caring (who is the best) when those who play for the Championship are determined solely from their play on the field (as is done in pro football because the men involved in the NFL obviously would never demean themselves by allowing 'others' to judge their abilities as to who is "the best" and would only play the game if and ONLY if THEY determine their fate; not "figure skating judges").

    The College football "National Championship" process farce is infected with the same commie tendencies as the 90% plus of the commie progressive professors and administrators who have also infected the education/indoctrination process at these same Universities and Colleges (i.e., what you politically believe determines your true worth; not what you learn and not what skills you may or may not possess) and that are destroying our youth and country. Count me out (as a supporter of this crap) in both cases!

    And no, Bill, my position on all this has absolutely nothing to do with how OSU is doing re this farce. They could win 5 "Championships" in a row and I still would not give a hoot as to who "wins" in these popularity (re the Figure Skating Judge determined) contests.
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    Good question Tony.
    The top SOS played right now per ESPN for some teams:
    LSU -4
    Mic -15
    Tex -18
    OK -27
    CU -29
    ND -35
    GA -39
    AL -53
    OHS -60

    Alabama wins as to scoring are impressive, but to date their schedule is not. Only TAM has a pulse

    Lou 2-5
    Miss 5-3
    TAM 5-2
    MIZ 4-3
    Ark 2-6
    TN 3-4
    ArkSt 4-3
    ULL 3-4

    I think of this AL as a great team. They are getting injuries. They are off this week. I will be curious as to where the FF Committee ranks them in Week One.

    I believe it will be:
    CU -1
    ND -2
    LSU -3
    AL -4

    I believe by the final week the committee will have AL #1 if they win out as they have tougher games ahead.
    CU SOS going forward looks bleak, so they will fall even if they win.

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    I have been impressed in past years at the excellent job the committee has done.
    It is much better than before, and more interesting. I have been shocked they were not afraid to pass over Blue Blood teams and conferences.
    Finally teams are being awarded as to their play on the field and not some gimmick crap like CBB where the regular season has little meaning.

    Tony at this point having watched a lot of games (have no life), I believe if TUG plays, Alabama is the best team, but on the field play over the next weeks will decide that.
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