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Thread: CLEMSON AT Florida State

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    CLEMSON AT Florida State

    Right up front let me say I just enjoy football and have no favorite team.

    Clemson going "TO" Florida State has "loss" written all over it.
    Few schools actually have a home field advantage and FS is near the top.
    When FS can raise the $$ to bail all from jail, they are tough. On the road they are less due to the ankle bracelet courts put on them.

    I believe game pageantry is right there with LSU. I am a fan.

    Few schools have the talent that FS has as they are top ten as to talent. The deal is a new coach and a new system came in. They are now not in the "pro" style that won championships for them, but in the spread. They are getting up to speed with it as the season plays.
    Their remaining schedule includes ranked teams like Clemson, NC State, Note Dame and Florida. That is tough, but I don't think they will loose them all due the talent they have. None of those teams have more talent.
    I just hope they are not quite there -- this week.

    The "D" line is the best Clemson may face this year. Their skill players can match any team.
    The QB is very good.
    The "O" line has been less than needed.
    FS winning all remaining games is reasonable on paper. Games are played on the field.

    Clemson is like FS as both are just now becoming a team (better late than never).
    Neither team is near peak and both will improve.
    Last week NCS shut down the Tiger running game and dared the freshman QB to beat them. That was what I would have done. Five minutes into the game they saw the teen could beat them. It amazed me that even after half time they did not adjust and stayed with the loosing game plan of stopping the run. That is poor coaching.

    Florida State will not do that as they have athletes NCS can only dream about.
    They can play one on one.
    The problem for them is the same NCS faced. Clemson can run the ball. Now we suspect Clemson can pass the ball.

    I believe the quicker FS "D" will be all over the Tiger freshman QB which the NCS "D" was unable to do. NCS hoped to "rattle" him. I don't think that will happen in any game as the kid is OK.

    I believe FS will not pack the line and will try to stop the run and the pass as is normal in most games for most teams. They have talent.
    That should equate to more Tiger running yards and less passing yards = balance.
    I believe the FS "D" can hold Clemson to ~ ?

    The FS "O" is almost good. The QB and the receivers are great!
    The deal in this game is can their "O" line control the Tiger "D" line.
    They will not be able to run, and the great FS QB will be under pressure. He will still get his yards, but not enough.

    The deal is not that Clemson has a freshman QB and a young "O" that might be exploited. The real deal is if the Tigers score 6, how in hell does FS get 7?
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    Coach Dabo says FS is FS.
    "This is my 10th year and during that time we are 1-9 recruiting against them." They have the best defense we have faced. Burns leads the nation in sacks.

    In recent memory Clemson has only won twice at Doak Field 2006 and 2016.

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    Florida State players are boasting as to defending their field.
    They have an outstanding "D" line. They lead the ACC in stopping the run.

    When the FS coach was asked if they could handle the CU "D" line, he replied something like his "O" line faces a great "D" line in practice everyday and is more than up to the task.

    My thinking is NCS stopped the Tiger run game by ignoring the pass game which destroyed them. FS can do that, but that would be dumb.
    FS has the athletes to go one on one, and I don't think they will try to pack the box. They will defend the run and the pass. They hope to keep the young Tiger QB off balance. I believe they will have success at holding down Tiger scoring as opposed to previous games.

    The deal then is can FS score enough points to win.
    I don't think so.

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