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Thread: Is Alabama #1

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    Is Alabama #1


    Looking back into history too far is pointless as to 2018.
    Bear Bryant steam rolled for years due to a few things.
    Nick Saban is doing the same and maybe better as he is held to more rules.

    A few players there now were also there in 2015 when Alabama beat Clemson for the National Championship going 14-1.

    A few players there now were also there in 2016 when Alabama lost to Clemson for the National Championship going 14-1.

    Many players there now were also there in 2017 when Alabama beat Georgia for the National Championship going 13-1.

    The deal is Alabama has performed in recent years beyond any college dreams. Teams that win a National Championship are rare. At Alabama it is expected.

    Alabama bounced along doing average for decades after Bear Bryant.
    Saban took over in 2007 and things headed South (very good direction). He arrived under some suspensions for things done wrong there before him. To my knowledge (unlike many in the SEC) he plays by the rules.
    In 2010 he loss 3 games. Other years have been less. If you look at the games played, that is unreal. Saban makes more money than other coaches and any way you look at it - is a super bargain.

    Many criticize his program. Some say they play dirty, but to my knowledge they play inside the rules.
    The big deal is recruiting. Even the girl who brings Gator Aid to the players is 5 star. Experts say Alabama just reloads. That is easy if all on the roster are the top kids from that cycle. 5star players line the bench waiting on those on the field to head to the NFL. Most teams have not even one 5 star and maybe not a 4 star.

    The deal is not "reloading" , but why do so many kids choose Alabama? It all goes back to the culture Saban has built at Alabama. Unlike some colleges, no shady deals are made with players or parents. A kid with talent can be trained at the highest level and reach his potential. It is a great deal and shady kids go other places.

    Alabama has the best players and the best coach for what they do. Assistant coaches arrive and go on to coach major programs, so it is not about them. Talented players arrive and go on to the NFL or life. It is not about them.
    It is about Nick Saban.

    === Is 2018 the best team for Saban? Maybe.
    The difference is the offense. The offense has been great for years, but never has it been as easy for them to score as this season. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the reason. It is not all him. Tua plays with an incredible "O" line and great skill players - just like all recent Alabama teams. Tua is a step up as to scoring. I suspect any top ranked 25 QB could win at Alabama this season or most seasons. I can't recall when Alabama had one playing as well as Tua is.
    This looks to be the best ever Alabama team.

    This seems to be his best team (until next year). Vegas is positive Alabama will again be National Champs as are the media experts. Some say they have not been "tested", but ~~~

    Ahead they have TN, LSU, MSST, AUB, and most likely GA. That is not easy. Few if any teams could run that gauntlet. Will one loss keep them out of the Final Four - it did not last year or recent years.

    Experts say in the 'Final Four' Alabama will be against teams like Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma. If so, they will be favored in each game.

    Can they loose - yep.

    Will they loose --> "GO TIGERS!!"

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    I think this year's team may be among the best Bama teams ever. Looking over many of the past championships teams, you will have a hard time remembering the quarterback's name. Many were not spectacular at all but the teams were great on defense and had amazing offensive lines and running backs and quarterbacks that were efficient but most did not become NFL stars.

    Now, with Tua, they have a spectacular quarterback to go along with the rest. They do not appear to have any weak spots. They will likely run the table but if they happen to face a team that plays a great game and gets some breaks, Bama can and may lose.

    You have to love college football!


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