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    Stop Bird Window Strikes‎

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Presley View Post
    I was very sad to hear a thud on my widow today and later found that a nice female Rose-breasted Grosbeak broke her neck.

    Very sad Tony.
    My home has has large 5'X 6' single pane windows. The good is it makes me feel like I am outside when inside, but the bad is birds have hit them.
    I have been looking into this for many years.

    If building now, would put a slant on the big windows which would help, but too late for that now.

    I have a hospital bird cage just for that as most times they are just stunned and will recover if I get them before the cats. Any box will do. Put them in and cover to make it dark. The deal is to keep them from shock. An hour later they will be good to go.

    I have used different methods to deter this.
    Especially on cloudy days, the reflection in the windows is a mirror image of the yard and the birds get confused when startled.

    Many solutions are akin to painting your windows opaque, but there are other choices.

    Window decals are nice. They are cheap, and I often still use them made like snowflakes or Christmas things for decoration, but they don't help much as to the birds.

    Thin bird netting works OK and from inside you have to look hard to see it. I have used it for a few years on windows that get hit.
    Attach shelf braces in the corners to get it away from the windows a few inches and then pull it tight.

    This year I ran across an idea I have been going with that has so far worked 100%. It is not invisible like the net, but I think it looks OK. It is the best I have found so far.

    Materials are simple and cheap:

    - J-channel is maybe $2 for 8 foot.
    - Parachute Cord is cheap and handy for many, many things. Everybody should have a roll if just to trip up Zombies. I use the strong stuff, a roll will last for ever and as it is rated to 750#. It can do many things.

    Drill or poke some holes in your j-channel. Tie a knot in one end and string it through, then tie a knot on that end. You can assemble one in five minutes.

    Here is a photo I found on line. I would post mine, but my camera lens is long range today. I put mine 3" apart to be safe, but experts claim 4" is good.

    Found a site you can buy them from, but making them is very easy.

    Here is a site:

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    Thanks, Bill. That is good info.

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