Ed claims he will not play with us until the rules are changed to suit "HIM".

I like Ed, so will play in his stead. We are pals.

Ed is more of a bandwagon guy in life than me so this will be hard. "Bandwagon" can be fun as one can rid himself of the "downs" and just crow about the "ups".

Ed hints at being a Buckeye fan, but never roots for them unless they win to his standard ("never loosing").
They do have an inspiring mascot to rally fans like Ed.
This year many experts say they are the best team in the USA.
That should rally even Ed to post some cheers here for them.
I have zero problem ranking them #1 right now due to what they have accomplished on the field.
On top of that, the schedule ahead looks like going undefeated as it is way less than what they have faced. It would be shocking if they are not in the FF. I believe they have the best chance of the favs (even Alabama) to be 13-0 and be the #1 seed.

Now I have problem with all things "OHIO" as my Bride, my Mother-In-Law, and now Ed comes from there.
Naw, that aint it.
It is the "bandwagon" thing. Winning is good only when tempered by loosing.
You win, you loose, you play again. When the OHS coach (Woddy Hayes) came off the bench and starts slugging a Clemson player ~