This kid caught my eye when he came on the scene due to his famous name. Few kids of the ultra famous "EARN" fame. Hank JR comes to mind.

Elijah Holyfield came out of high school ranked in the top 10 by most experts.

He was 4th behind the incredible duo of Chubb and Michel for his first two years and this year was seen behind Swift.

Half way through 2018 he has 432 yards with a 7.4 average.
Keep in mind he shares duty with about 20 other great backs. He impress me more every game as he is fast and tough. He is tough.

I got into boxing around '64 (as a spectator and also on occasion as a sparring partner for big John Walls to knock around). Floyd Patterson was my hero. He was not a real heavy, but fought like one.

Evander Holyfield was also not a real heavy, but fought like one and more.
His heart made him the equal of any. I am a long time fan.

He is famous for many opponents, but him against the 2nd coming of Foreman was exceptional fun for me.
He fought on ten years after he should have retired for pride and money (I would have too as evidenced by I still enter foot races at 72.) His nick name "Real Deal" is exactly what he is. There may have been better boxers before him or after him, but few in history or future will ever match him.
He was not a heavy weight, but he made himself into one. His Mom was an exceptional skater and a runner.
He took on boxers who had more talent as to size and speed using his huge heart. He was not tricky or slick, he arrived to stand and fight no matter how big the opponent. He never took a step back.

Elijah Holyfield (nor anyone) can match Evander, so all Elijah is doing is leading Georgia to a Championship. How cool is that?