True freshman Daniel Faalele is now listed as the starting right tackle and will start for Minnesota. Faalele is 6-foot-9 and 400 pounds.

Back in the 70's steroids had some high school teams larger than college teams.

Since then drug use has been addressed, but too many kids are still into it.

The change is now kids are just bigger.
For me as a spectator things changed when William "The Refrigerator" Perry arrived.
He was 6'2' 335 and quick like a cat - ?? He was the opposite of steroids, always trying to drop weight.

Now the Clemson lines average over 300 and all are trying to trim up, no steroids needed. The food they get is off the chart good and good for them.
Few in the World eat this good, even Millionaires.
At the food line they press their thumb print and what they need is displayed.

Can a 400 pound kid play?
I suspect yes.
At Clemson we have a guy on defense (where guys must be quick as hell) named Dexter Lawrence. He is 6'4" and 360. Can he play at that weight? That is a trick question.
Dexter will be a top 5 NFL draft pick this year. At Clemson he controls one side of the line while his best friend Wilkins controls the other side. Wilkins is smaller at just 6'3" and 320 (if he skips lunch which never happens).

In the last quarter this week against Wake after all players had played, receiver Renfrow got in at QB. Wilkins was doing all he could to encourage Dabo to let him go in as wide receiver. Big Dex put his helmet back on and said if Christian went in he was in too. Freshman Dixon broke for a 60 yard TD and the issue became mute. Both have played on offense and will again.
The deal is these giants are not just "fat on the field" like in olden days. They are athletic and awesome.