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Thread: Strength of Schedule Crap

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    Strength of Schedule Crap

    Back during the summer, everybody was talking about strength of schedule and and how it was affecting the pre-season rankings. Problem is, they are guessing and it means nothing until the games get going. After 5 games now things are starting to come into view. Just looking at my team "The Dawgs", their strength of schedule is looking more difficult than expected. They are now facing Vanderbilt (they almost upset Notre Dame), undefeated top 10 LSU in Baton Rouge, Florida - much improved (one of 3 arch rivals), undefeated Kentucky (who expected that?), top 10 Auburn (another arch rival) and the hated Yellow Jackets (third arch rival). If they survive, Then it will likely be the winner of Alabama-Auburn or LSU for the SEC championship and final four.

    My Dawgs (although 5-0) have not played all that well so far this season. They have had lots of mental errors and some sloppy play that they will have to clean up. We do have a elite stable of running backs, receivers and two great quarterbacks and all will be needed in the remaining games. The Defense is pretty strong but worries me at times.

    I think that it is possible for them to lose a game and still make it into the final four but looking at the national teams, that loss cannot be in the SEC championship game.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Presley View Post
    We do have a elite stable of running backs.
    I wish that I would remember to proof read my posts! AN ELITE STABLE!

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    "Strength of schedule" is a guess until all games are played.
    Mid season, a better way to look at it all is, "what have you done?".
    That could be called "Strength of Record".
    Judging "Strength of Record" depends on what variables you use.

    ESPN looks at that, and after week 5, they say:
    1 Ohio State
    2 LSU
    3 Kentucky
    4 Notre Dame
    5 Clemson
    6 Georgia
    7 West Virginia
    8 Alabama
    9 Stanford
    10 Oklahoma
    11 Washington

    That is OK with me. I think it is much better than the Polls.
    As the season cranks up now and teams go more into conference play as opposed to cup cakes, this will start to change.

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