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    Hunter Renfrow


    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Presley View Post
    I am glad that you are still alive after that game! Your heart must be strong. That Hunter Renfro just keeps coming through when needed most. That 4th down play he made was crucial!
    I decided during that game that this will be the last year I watch CFB as my heart is too old to deal with the strain.

    Hunter Renfrow is an extreme example as to a person that just ~~
    --also an example of how Dabo coaches Clemson.

    I have posted as to him here for years.
    His story is the story of how Dabo runs the Tigers as kids who "buy in" are rewarded.
    Dabo was a walk on receiver at Alabama.

    Back when Dabo got some say in these parts, he brought in a walk on receiver -- Adam Humphries who was surely much less than the talent already here. 127 receptions later for 1,097 yards (8.6 avg.) he had earned his way and a scholarship. He was a great CFB player, but did not get drafted to the NFL due to being too small.
    He walked on in the NFL and has made a ton of $$. In 2018 he is still playing.

    In 2014 a short kid from Myrtle Beach who weighed 155 walked on at Clemson.
    Keep in mind Dabo loves this. Hunter made the team and took a redshirt.
    Now he owns one of the great stories in Clemson history and made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

    He has a mysterious way of getting open even when opponents know to not let that happen. After the catch he is not much and quickly tackled.
    As I see it, he has two traits that are hard to teach. He is fearless. He can catch any ball in his area. Dabo once described him as being like a "frisbee catching dog".

    Hunter now has "snagged" over 150 passes, most of which seem to come at critical times in a game. All teams now know the Clemson QB will go to Renfrow if in trouble. Just today he made an impossible grab which helped to settle down the QB who had just entered the game and also changed the momentum of the game.
    Today he is again superstar.

    Will he be the next Adam Humphries in the NFL? That is a long shot, but that is all this kid is about. No matter as he gained a Bride this year, has a Clemson degree and is already a Clemson legend. His future is very bright.

    p/s now that my Tigers are down to one QB, who is taking snaps in case he goes down? -> Hunter Renfrow of course. I would feel OK if Hunter is called on as his "superhero power" is to "rise to the occasion".

    As one fan posted:

    "If my wife left me for Hunter Renfrow, I'd high five her!"

    The guy is safe as Hunter found his own Bride.

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    Another great performance that lifted the Tigers over Syracuse was Etienne. He ran like a mad man that was not going to let Clemson lose!

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    Renfrow had two catches this week extending his streak.
    He entered the game as the quarterback against the Demon Deacons and completed a pass.

    Then he even punted once for 42 yards.

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