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Thread: CLEMSON vs Wake

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    CLEMSON vs Wake

    CLEMSON vs Wake

    From 3 weeks ago

    Quote Originally Posted by AgentOrange View Post
    - The Wake Forest freshman QB is the real deal. He can toss the ball with the best of them. The rest of the team is suspect, but he will win many games for them over the next few years. Clemson has a thousand great receivers. Let that boy take any two of them and WF would be hell.
    Apparently with out the help of TIGER receivers, WF QB HartMan is doing great.

    This match up will feature "maybe" two 18 year old QBs.
    I say "maybe" as our guy might not make it. If not, a 3rd string red-shirt freshman will take the field.

    I have seen Hartman a few times since the above quote, and he is now a solid leader. He has zip on the ball that just cannot be taught. He is about a thousand times better now that he has experience of 5 games.
    I am still pulling for him, just not in this game.

    No matter who starts for the TIGERS, there will be little experience.
    If Lawrence or Brice takes the field, I believe we will win. I am a "homer".
    Not just that, as these two guys can play ball. Both have my confidence level very high.
    I am good to go with either guy.

    Wake will have to deal the Clemson running backs. They might not be on the "Georgia level", but can carry the ball. Can Wake stop that that?
    I like the way that today against Syracuse the WR (Rodgers) was called on to run the ball with short passes like when Artavis Scott was here.

    Is Hartman a better QB or better passer than Brice or Lawrence? I don't see that.

    This game and every game, the Gorilla in the room is the "Power Rangers".
    Deal with them and you might win.



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    Wake has a good coach in Dave Clawson. Really, he is top shelf. They will not loose a game due to coaching.

    Road games are never easy. Winning a football game is hard, especially on the road.

    Wake won the ACC a few years back, and I was at the game in Florida.
    They finished off last season beating Texas A&M in a Bowl game.

    I am a fan of Wake because my friend Pixley is a grad of the excellent Wake Law School and pulls for them. Also, as I have stated, the freshman QB Hartman is exciting to watch. This guy is going to be great.

    My Tigers are struggling. Most of it is off field crap.
    Yesterday a guy who went astray (and should be on this team as an all star running back) died.
    Our main team leader Bryant quit the team two weeks back.

    How will the Tigers respond on the road?

    The "Wake" home field advantage is about like that of nearby schools UNC and Duke --> none. I suspect most in the stands will be wearing Clemson orange.

    Last week Syracuse came to play, but wore down due to depth. They would have won, but near the end were just too tired.
    I don't see different at Wake. Clemson is deep.

    The effect of the incredible Clemson crowd will not be experienced there, but
    I just don't believe Wake has the depth to last 4 quarters.
    I expect to again see Dabo running the ball "old school" until they prove he cannot. Can Wake stop that? Yes, but can they do it for 4 quarters? No.

    The 18 year old Clemson QB (Lawrence) who got knocked out of the game last week is OK, just had a neck injury. As we know, the back up (RSF Brice) is more than capable and will play a lot.

    So the deal is can Dabo get the team players minds away from all the crap and into this game? I see zero problem.

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