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Thread: Is AO Savant?

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    Is AO Savant?

    Is AO Savant?

    For many months I have been posting how much I like Chase Brice.

    Here is just one as the season started:
    Quote Originally Posted by AgentOrange View Post
    I worry as to Brice. I want him here as he is excellence. He is a Tiger. I also want him to get a chance to shine. I am positive he could take us to another FF as well as the other two. Of the three, I like him best as to attitude. Brice is not a 2nd string QB, much less a 3rd string one.
    I can't name one school who has a better guy starting including Clemson.

    Going forward, I see Lawrence playing in every game as team strategy, not just mop up. That will hurt the stats of Bryant, but as I said, he aint going Pro. Is this a two QB system?
    Brice came to Clemson when he could have gone anywhere - anywhere. Ahead of him at Clemson were great QBs on site and Trevor Lawrence on the way as he committed very early.
    Brice said, "WTF, I'm a Tiger".

    Last year Brice was 39th on the depth chart and did not play.
    Trevor Lawrence enrolled, and QBs transferred as Bryant was returning from an incredible year. I agreed they should as I love my Tiger guys and want them to have opportunities.

    After many practices and 4 games, 18 year old Lawrence eclipsed the senior QB Bryant. One goal for Clemson is to get back to the Final Four, and to do that Bryant needs to be here and firing on all cylinders.
    Instead, he quit on the team. He is just a young man who made a bad decision and will always be a Clemson Tiger. Now he is a fan like me. He was probably urged on by friends and relatives. Like I said above, not going to become rich from NFL $$, so the leeches should back off. He will have a degree from Clemson and more great Tiger memories than most anyone. I wish him the best.

    So in his first start, Lawrence goes down before the half.
    Next man up is Chase Bryce. Tigers are down 16-7 and things look bleak.

    All I know is my Tigers aint done yet and are 5-0.

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    I am glad that you are still alive after that game! Your heart must be strong. That Hunter Renfro just keeps coming through when needed most. That 4th down play he made was crucial!

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