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Thread: It Is Time

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    It Is Time

    I always take my camera when I sit on the porch even though I have found the best way to see a great bird is not to have it.
    I sat down for just a minute to catch ,my breath today and saw a couple Warblers, a Pine and about the best looking Yellow-rumped I have ever seen.

    I slid off to get my camera as with out photos it did not happen.
    I did not see the YRW again maybe another day?
    It is hard to get photos now as the leaves are out and Warblers flutter about branch to branch after bugs.
    Gaining focus is hit or miss.

    I did get the Pine and guess what, it aint a Pine. It is a Yellow-throated Vireo
    maybe on its way to the Tropics.
    I guess today proves migration is underway.

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    Great picture. While in the land of fruits and nuts I saw some huge blue jays. They were huge.

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