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Thread: Do You Own A Boat

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    Do You Own A Boat

    I really enjoy sitting on my dock and watching parents and mostly grandparents pulling kids around on tubes. I vicariously do the same as I have no kids to pull. Labor Day has ended that fun as kids are back in school and the lake will be silent for months.

    Some say owning a boat is like owning a deep black hole to throw money into.
    One requirement to move to Oconee County back when I arrived was to have guns, a Harley, a Truck, and a Bass Boat. They checked you at the county line before you could enter. My lot cost $28K and I got it on a ten year loan.
    Ten years later I put up a cabin. That was 18 years ago.

    Many snowflakes and snowbirds moved in and those rules have sadly gone away.
    The last lot sold on my cove just a few years back went for $428K, but there are some good ones nearby in the $200K range. Crime has been zero in my years here.

    I still have guns and a nice Harley. I finally traded my old truck for a nice Jeep. My boat is now 18 years old and is on the 3rd Mercury motor. I really like my boat. It is tiny and beat up, but perfect for fishing. I have replaced the floor and the seats to get rid of carpeting which is disaster on a fishing boat. It looks like hell, but is not for sale as it is perfect for what I do. I searched and bought it on line as none in the many boat yards suited me.

    My boat does not look like a typical bass boat and more like a pontoon because it is not typical, and is a pontoon. Unlike most boats on Lake Hartwell, mine has a million fishing hours on it as like I said, "it is old". I don't use it much between Memorial Day and Labor Day when the joy riders are having fun, prefer from Labor Day to Memorial Day when the lake is empty. I went out for a couple hours yesterday, caught 4 Bass and saw just one other boat.

    As I am not on the Bass Pro circuit, their rules do not apply to me. I enjoy them on TV and love Bill Dance, but don't fish that way.
    My boat is set up to troll. Normally I put out 4 lines and keep another reel handy to cast to places as discovered. Trolling is a good option on Lake Hartwell as the shoreline is 952 miles. I mostly use crank baits and reels with a line counter. I have a 36volt trolling motor that is old and busted some, but just excellent! It will pull me at any speed for not hours but days. I use solar panels to recharge the 3 large deep cycle batteries.

    My Pop and my Mom taught me how to fish, as that was a great family outing. As we were cutting edge, did not drive to the river with 10ft poles hanging out the window like most, but had cane poles with screw joints. When I was about eight Pop got me a Zebco 33 from the pawn shop. That changed my life.

    Back to the present, I now (for 18 years) have a fishing platform (tiny pontoon) that is comfortable. I get to see more amazing things with it than just sitting on the bank. I have great music installed, decent camera, great binoculars, etc. Even when I don't catch a fish, the lake is fun as I am an avid bird watcher. The lake is a bird watching paradise. Trolling along the shore is exciting. I also catch fish.

    After 18 years, it seems logical that I would know where the fish are and what they want to eat. I know better than most as to my area. A fun thing I have learned is that guys put their incredible high power boats (that cost a fortune) in near me and race for a couple hours down or up stream where the fish are. Guys up or down stream put in and race where these guys just left. The deal is to be on the water and not be bothered by things in the real World. Racing up or down river is a huge part of the fun. I believe they have spent their money well.

    Bill Dance claims the fish are always biting, you just have to find where they are and what they want. I agree. As I don't have the knowledge, patience, or energy of a Bill Dance, I troll. I put out lures at difference dept and go from there. I understand that "best" is to cast many times with different things in the same area. My counter move to that is to drag a few lures "one time" through many areas. That is 90% less work and you get to observe much, much more. I run along around 2MPH (depending on the water temp) and do catch fish. If not, WTF?

    Early on I often lost a lot of expensive lures, now not so much. I switched to 50# braided line. Closing down the trolling and hauling everything in to save a lure got old and resulted in many tangled lines to untangle. It was not worth it, but lures are expensive and some become favorites. You hate to loose one.
    Now they pull free or the hook straightens. Replacing a hook is easy, and I anyway prefer red ones. Keep in mind that the record Striped Bass caught just up the river was 56 pounds and catfish here reach 100. (yes you can catch catfish on lures)

    Lures are incredible these days. The first lure I caught a fish on with my Zebco 33 was a 'Hula Popper- Hawaiian Wiggler' that came with two skirts. Pop and I were fishing at the Chester State Park. You don't forget a thing like that.
    Lures are designed to catch fishermen, not fish. They catch me as I love lures. I have many, and my Bride knows to give me some at Christmas I would never buy for myself.
    Bill Dance once said the color of a lure is not important as long as it is blue. I agree, but over the years I believe in green. In Lake Hartwell Bass prefer green. Yesterday I had out all green lures that are proven winners for me and one new one that was reddish-brown. All 4 Bass were caught on the red lure, so WTF?

    If you have read all the way through this, were entertained, and maybe want to comment or join our group, PM me or better, email me at yardcrap @ hushmail .com with out the spaces of course.
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    i believe YardCrap to be an excellent place
    what could possibly go wrong on a forum run by Gnomes?

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    I do indeed own a boat.
    Bill does have a great boat, and I've had the pleasure of spending a long afternoon with him. We live in a good place. I'm basically too lazy to fish, but as Bill says, catching a fish isn't necessary for enjoying nature. Here I am retired and living full time on the lake for 17 years. It should be a crime for a guy in my position to not spend more time on the lake. This year, we have a good lake level, and until it gets cold, I'm going to try to use the boat more. I'm starting tomorrow. Maybe I can visit someone who lives not too far away. I'm going to load up a cooler with beer just in case.

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    Sometimes on a full moon night, it's fun to go on a sunset/moonrise cruise.

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    Never had a boat. Never lived on water. I would love to live on a lake. I have thought about it a lot. We will never sell our house in Charlotte as it will take a long time to get ready to sell and my wife had no interest in going through all that. My new idea is to try to buy a lake lot and then put a cabin on it. I doubt it will happen as I would have to be around to supervise the construction and that would be a job and I have one of those. We also thought of buying a condo in Savannah or Charleston but it is easier and cheaper to just go when I want and get a hotel room as they are free for me. Even later when I have to pay it is cheaper to be in a hotel for a few days here and there than to have a mortgage of any kind. I didn't use to be lazy but ever since hurting my back I find man's work to be a bad idea. I do some when my wife is not around so she won't get the idea that I can do much. If I do the wrong thing I am in pain for days but worse, I can't jog and I refuse to do anything that interferes with that. I have known folks with boats and most all of them enjoy them more than they hate them. Kinda like a wife. If I lived on a lake I would get a pontoon boat with a canopy and just cruise around in the shade of the cover and enjoy the breeze. If the lake were in the mountains I would have a good canoe. I have always loved those. They can be a bit hot in mid summer but if you are in the mountains it is not bad. Oh well.

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    Good post Marty.
    Owning a boat is ??

    It is different for billionaires with a yacht and rednecks with a john boat.

    I have lived on a large lake for many years.
    The deal is to acquire a boat to meet your needs.

    I want a fancy boat that can impress my friends and pull my grand-kids.
    I have no friends and no grand-kids.
    My main boat buddy died. I miss her every day.

    My boat is not fancy and set up to fish, play tunes, and discover lake birds.
    It is a disgrace, but I like it. If not, would buy different.

    Look back on YC and see a few years ago my motor died and my boat was old. I went on the market to replace it.
    At the end of the day after enjoying all the luxury of new boats, wanted mine as it was perfect for what I do. I bought a new motor. I can spill beer or blood from a fish or more often from me being hooked and no problem. A neighbor got mad because I wore shoes that marked his deck and had to be scrubbed.
    There is no pressure on my old boat, just fun.
    If my Heron craps there while sleeping tonight - rain will come.
    My boat might make most embarrassed for me, but it aint for sale this year.

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