This is the top time of year for less feeder bird action.
The woods are packed full of seeds, fruits, and juicy insects.

Chopped peanuts and my suet lure in a few.

My Hummers started leaving last week. I am down to about 20. My belief is some of mine head South, and are replaced by those stopping in from up North.

I have the odd Titmouse, Chickadee, Wren, and Finch always around. Even my squirrels are barely dropping in.

My Wood Pecker activity has been less since a couple acres near me where they lived were cleared. I wish I could buy all the land near me, but can't. I still see the occasional Downy.

The main activity these days is from about 8 young Cardinals who are very active. That makes me wonder where are the adults? Year after year I am blessed with lots of these. These juveniles prefer millet which is odd. Normally in Summer you can't pay birds to eat millet.

I saw a Summer Tanager here this week and a couple Indigo Buntings.

This morning as I slogged, Vultures had control of the road and did not want to let me pass.
As I got near home a Pteranodon came across the road just above tree top level.
Maybe it was just an Eagle, but damn it was big!
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