Can the Tigers win?

Clemson has played Furman a few times. The distance is just 30 miles. I have been there many, many times.
Myself and others dated some Furman gals as back in the 60's Clemson had none.

The first game was in 1896, a Tiger victory - 14-6.
The record since then is 42-10-4.
The only time on record that Clemson has had a home game played in the snow was a loss to Furman.

As a first, the Furman Q-Back this year will be a Clemson student.

Furman University pre-engingeering major Harris Roberts is enrolled in a cooperative educational exchange program that allows students to play a sport at one school while pursuing their desired degree at another. Roberts will receive his Furman bachelor’s in May 2019. He is set to earn a second bachelor’s from Clemson in mechanical engineering. Roberts said, “[Clemson students and faculty] … think it’s funny that they’re going to class with someone who is going to play against them.”

To qualify for the rigorous dual-degree program, a minimum 2.60 GPA is required. Roberts is at 3.66, and was named to the Southern Conference Academic Honor Roll in each of the previous four seasons.