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    Every head coach was once a guy hoping to lead his own team.
    To that end the best "move on" and the program they left is less.
    That is College Football.
    I love it!

    A couple years back Dabo named two unknown local Clemson guys to lead the offense. That was seen by the expert media as weak and a disaster.
    How has it worked out -> Ha Ha.

    One or both may take a new job after this season, and all Tiger fans will support that. In fact, both have been offered many jobs.

    On the "D" side is a coach who is so far above others you can't include him in any conversation. He is first choice on any job that opens. I know $$ talks, but don't see him leaving Clemson after this year.
    One main reason Clemson has had success is this guy.
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    Clemson realizes how important Venables is to the program and he obviously loves being at Clemson. They do pay him very well. I think I read that he is the highest paid assistant in college football? Of course, he could make more as a head coach. However, it is hard to beat his deal working as an assistant without having to deal with the crazy pressures put on head coaches. His defense this year is going to be scary good!

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