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Thread: Power Rangers

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    Power Rangers

    Changed my avatar again.
    I have fun with that.
    Up today is:

    Now that may look like fun to some, but it is incredibly scary to others.
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    The Clemson D line made the cover of Sports Illustrated which means little, but is a fun achievement. The "big" deal is not these 4 guys, even though they are a "huge" (pun intended) deal.

    Ha, ha, look at the guy at the bottom trying to look tough while all know he is a teddy bear who in his spare time teaches at a local elementary school.

    These guys represent years of personal hard work, and all will leave after this season.
    Can they take the Tigers back to the playoffs?
    Maybe, but that load might be too much even for the "Power Rangers" as they get beat to death by tough opponents over 12 games. The pain they will endure (and inflict) is hard for us mortals to comprehend. Last year one PR played at 50% with one dead leg. All the Power Rangers (named by Wilkins) will soon become battered and bruised.
    The "BIG" deal is they are not expected to carry the ship alone this year. Hell, no one even thought they would be here this season.
    Guys not "Power Rangers" will play early, play often, and play well. These guys will not be expected to carry the "D" while playing 80 snaps - but they could.

    Even as I post this, the Power Rangers are hard at work teaching the new guys so no drop off will be experienced if they get banged or just need a Gatorade.
    Here is the new weigh in:

    BRYANT, Austin DL 275
    EDWARDS, Jacob DL 280
    EDWARDS, James DL 281
    FERRELL, Clelin DL 268
    FOSTER, Justin DL 256
    HENRY, KJ DL 251
    HOLLEY, Chase DL 229
    HUGGINS, Albert DL 309
    JEFFERIES, Darnell DL 282
    KELLY, Xavier DL 262
    LAWRENCE, Dexter DL 339
    MASCOLL, Justin DL 252
    PINCKNEY, Nyles DL 297
    REGISTER, Chris DL 254
    ROWELL, Nick DL 271
    RUDOLPH, Logan DL 245
    THOMAS, Xavier DL 258
    WILKINS, Christian DL 304
    WILLIAMS, Jordan DL 306
    YEARGIN, Richard DL 265

    Above is a lot of guys chomping and battling everyday to prove they deserve playing time when the Power Rangers take a well deserved break. Above is not some fat guys like many teams have, but talent that can play.
    When you see the PRs huddled around the Gatorade - no problem.

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