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Thread: QB Controversy

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    QB Controversy

    All here and around the World count on me to keep up with the QB Controversy at some top schools (GA, Al, CU).

    Here is the deal :

    Fromn will start at Georgia
    Bryant will start at Clemson
    Somebody will start at Alabama.

    The idiot experts need to fill print space and air time to earn a salary and so they toss out WTF.

    Fromn did an outstanding job at Georgia as a freshman last season. This year he will be even better as kids improve quickly. Instead of 19, he will be 20. That is huge. Barring injury he will start every game and Georgia may go undefeated. The kid is a Heisman type and may be the best player in the USA.

    Bryant led Clemson to 12 wins last season loosing in the last game to Alabama.
    I would call that a "dream season".
    Did he falter as the year wore on?
    Nope, he got better every week crushing Florida State and South Carolina at the end of the season before he embarrassed Miami in the ACC Championship.
    Will he be better this year - of course.

    Is Bryant the best passer on Campus - nope, Bryce and Lawrence are much better. It is not even close.
    The QB needs a lot more than just being a passer. That is not to say Bryant is not a good passer as he is maybe top ten in the nation.

    I am a fan of Chase Bryce and believe he might be the best choice this season due to age, talent, and experience. If you do a table rating all things as to the QBs, he might be the best choice. He could surely lead Clemson to another National Championship as he is exceptional. Name one intelligent person who would say different.

    Trevor Lawrence is already the fan favorite. This guy is just 18. He is 18 and fans want him to be ???? By all accounts he is too good to be true and too good to be on the bench. It is said in these parts he can throw a football over a mile and into a peach basket or hit a moving target. I have no reason to doubt that.

    QB is more than passing, a lot more. The known fact is Bryant can win the ACC as he did that last year. This year he is better and the team is better -> a lot better. All they did last year was end the season ranked #1.
    That is not a realistic goal, but the kids are stuck with it and expect to do it again.
    There is zero doubt as to Bryant as he already did it. There is zero question as to him.

    Clemson will start Bryant and Lawrence will get in early and often.
    I see no reason why Bryant will not start every game and believe that will be the case. I believe Lawrence will see a lot of action, and not just in "mop up". By all accounts, his arm is magic , and he also has all gifts a QB needs. Lawrence may need more weight to take the hits, but he is certainly not frail. Again, he is only 18. As to running, he is much less than Bryant, but seems to be much better than Watson who won it all and is now in search of a Super Bowl Ring. Lawrence seems to be before ever taking a snap to be already in the Clemson hall of Fame. That is exciting.

    The easy answer is to play Brice who is the best of both. Clemson then goes undefeated and wins it all. I don't see why the coaches get millions and I get squat.

    As to Alabama - this week it boiled over. Hurts is an exceptional player, but not happy. He is an exceptional person, wish he were at Clemson.
    How that will go is ??

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    Weeks back no one had the balls to reply with agreement or disagreement.
    The media turned it into a cottage industry to sell their crap.

    Two weeks in the deal is players play it out.

    The only major deal was at Alabama. Now Tug has the job, but who is surprised? They also have Hurts - (so two of maybe the best ever QBs). That aint shabby for a team. I read some thinking that Hurts will not play in more than 4 games unless Tug gets hurt. Then as a graduate, Hurts can transfer with two years left. He could pick where he wants to play as he is proven "excellence". I don't see him as NFL starter, but he is one of the best ever CFB QBs.

    At Georgia there was never a doubt that Fromn was the man. The deal there is he is just a soph. I don't see him leaving for the draft early so that puts pressure on Fields to transfer. Fields knew that coming in, so is he willing to be 2nd for 3 years when he can transfer and start most anywhere he chooses?

    At Clemson as I stated above, Bryant is the 3rd best QB. I believe he was the only one of the 3 who could have (and did) lead us to victory last night. He is an experienced senior and a full grown man. He graduates, so I am positive Lawrence is OK for a year.
    Like with Hurts at Alabama, Bryant is not an NFL prospect. Our other two certainly are.

    Listening to Lawrence before and after the game, his head is on straight. That seems impossible given his back ground for years where he was "superstar". He seems unfazed by it. I know he wants the reins and believes he is the best guy, but he would be less with out that attitude. So far I can find zero things to dislike about the kid. Of course all want to compare him to Deshaun, and in his temperament, he is similar. That is rare in a teenager, not to mention a kid who has been worshiped since age 14.

    I worry as to Brice. I want him here as he is excellence. He is a Tiger. I also want him to get a chance to shine. I am positive he could take us to another FF as well as the other two. Of the three, I like him best as to attitude, and the attitude of the other two are off the chart great! Brice is not a 2nd string QB, much less a 3rd string one.
    I can't name one school who has a better guy starting including Clemson.

    Going forward, I see Lawrence playing in every game as team strategy, not just mop up. That will hurt the stats of Bryant, but as I said, he aint going Pro. Is this a two QB system? I see it more as looking ahead and giving Lawrence meaningful playing experience. There is no game (including the National Championship) where he would he would not be solid. When he comes into a game no drop off is expected. As the season wears on, him coming in will be scary for any team. Teams would like to prepare for running or passing. Now they must prepare for both. As a plus, both run and pass.

    Clemson is more than who is at QB this year. That might not be true if the QB was not up to it. We have 3 who are.

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    Freshman QB Lawrence has been promoted to "Starter".

    Lawrence is less at team management due to experience, but his talent is too much to ignore. Bryant is great, but the difference in the two is also great.

    How it will now go is unknown by me.
    I am sure Bryant will be in the games a lot as all he did last year was win 12 games. He adds many things few QBs have.

    One fun option (which I doubt) would be him to red-shirt and play next season at another college after graduation. I suspect his teams options would be many. I don't see him making the NFL, but he could lead a college to the Final Four --> again!

    Every QB is one play from a game or even a season ending injury. Having Bryant and Lawrence here means Clemson is very rich in talent.
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    Clemson and Alabama with two established QB's, Bryant and Hurts that have proven that they can take you to the FF but the younger guys are simply too good to sit. GA has Fromm and Fields. Either can take you there but Fromm is too good. Fields will also get some snaps each game also. You can say that these three teams are in great shape at the position. Georgia's situation is a little riskier because they are only 2 deep at the position.

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    Things like this are not uncommon in CFB or at Clemson.
    Willie Simmons and Cole Stout come to mind.
    Willy Corn was to be my future hero but it did not play out as expected.
    That is just QBs. All positions are the same.

    I don't blame Bryant for wanting another year at another college. I think that is a great choice for him. I do wish if not for us, that for himself he had stayed on the team as a red shirt. When his emotions cool some, he will see that. He could have helped the team and himself a lot this season and still red shirted.

    I am just a fan and not an expert, but don't see Bryant making an NFL team.
    He will be an excellent college QB at any college he chooses. I want him to have that year. I wish him the best.

    This is a sad week. I believe Dabo has handled it better than anyone I know could have. I believe it was the right decision. I believe in his heart, Dabo secretly wanted the Senior to win the job, but it did not go that way.

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