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    The TIGERS are located in a small town in UpState SC.
    The town is growing, and I say "too bad". It is a great place to live.
    It is in the Blue Ridge Foothills on a large lake. As it has a college, all sorts of things (art, music, sports, etc) are all there all year.
    Crime is very low. There are no strip bars or rough houses.

    The population of the city was 13,905 at the 2010 census which is way more than when I bunked there in the 60's. Some of that is students. Back in my day getting permission to live off campus was hard not to mention no place to live.

    The community was originally named 'Calhoun' and was renamed 'Clemson' in 1943.
    I called my boy "Calhoun".

    The town and the College were formed around Fort Hill Plantation, home of the great statesman John C. Calhoun.
    His daughter married a Quaker guy - Thomas Green Clemson. At the age of 31, Clemson married Anna Maria Calhoun. It was Anna Maria who wished to use the land to build an agricultural college, so when Thomas Green died in 1888, he left the land to build what is now known as Clemson University.

    Among many other things, Thomas Green Clemson was an Agriculturist. He drafted a final will in the mid-1880s. The will called for the establishment of a land-grant institution called "The Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina" upon the property of the Fort Hill estate. He believed that education, especially scientific education, leads to economic prosperity. He wanted to start an agricultural college because he felt that government officials did not appreciate the importance of agricultural education. Clemson opened its doors in 1893 to 446 cadets, and became 'Clemson A&M'. That was the name when I enrolled.
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    So how is it working out for a Football team?
    As it is way back in the woods -, it has done OK for over a hundred years, holding its own with larger, richer (more sophisticated?) schools.

    The big deal in the the last decades as football became a trillion dollar industry is "All Star" kids are treated like celebrities in their high schools and by the media. They become accustomed to that early as who would not? The deal is gold chains and showing at the clubs. They have special talent at 16, 17 years of age and become local and national celebrities. Their phone rings all day with big time colleges and coaches checking in. Kids can't realistically deal with that. Adults could not.

    Clemson was always behind as to bringing in talent to the backwoods. Stars can't be "stars" here.
    Enter Tommy Bowden who as a Christian, went after kids (and coaches) who were not into that scene.
    The Town of Clemson is small and "fuddy-duddy" as opposed to even places like Athens or Gainsville. There are no titty bars.

    Bowden was a good guy, but not much of a coach. A young guy he hired, Dabo, was next up and doubled down on what Bowden had started.
    The apparent result has been not all kids are into titty bars. Many are in to becoming better players and better men. Moms and Pops love that. There are not a lot of those guys, but when those few visit Clemson, they find a safe place among their real peers. Remember these are 18 year old kids leaving home. They may be 300 pounds of muscle, but --?

    Many kids now believe "Clemson the University" is for them.
    Then they visit and see "Clemson the Town" and say - "no way in hell can I live there for 4 years as I am a star. See you later, I am headed to a place like Columbia or Tallahassee". That works out best for them and for Clemson.

    Yesterday Clelin Ferrell was in Charlotte for ACC Media days. He dominated as a JR and turned down a multi-million contract to return to Clemson for another year. His NFL 1st round draft pick teammates Bryant, Hyatt, and Wilkins did the same. I would not have, few would have.

    I quote him loosely, but suspect one can go to utube and listen to his words. He is intelligent, calm, confident, and well spoken. He is impressive.
    He said many players are only happy at their college during football season. He said living at Clemson all year is great! He said he woke up one morning and knew he was not ready to give that up. The others agreed.
    That flies in the face of why many choose the bright lights of a city at 18.

    There are no rough bars, no strip clubs. Out your door is World Class fishing.
    The guys in the neighborhood are not thugs but guys working hard to improve.
    You can walk downtown in a great "College Town environment" and have no fear of being attacked after dark if you are 300 pounds or 100 pounds.

    All kids don't want this, but some kids do.
    Dabo only signs those types.
    Who knew there were so many of this type that could play ball?

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