This is Clemson Media Day at the Dabo golf outing. FOOTBALL begins in the UpState today.
This is the only day coaches other than Dabo talk to the press.
The local guys will get a hundred columns of sound bites from this. The local press are all fun and do a great job. Us fans are hungry for any word, and they do a good job with "nothing" over the Summer.

The news so far today has revealed - nothing new. That is to be expected as little has changed since the Spring game.

--Kelly Bryant is still the #1 QB.
--The "D" line is still on campus.
--This is a veteran heavy team that is eager to start practice. 17 starters and 62 lettermen are back.
--Summer was great academically, and all the guys did well in class.
--The Clemson culture now is older guys helping the new work toward goals over Summer.

On a fun note, in the old days the lines tried to gain weight. This Summer freshman 5star Carmine from Ohio has lost 20. He will certainly not redshirt if he is that dedicated.

Coach V -
--ďFor me I donít get too low and I donít get overly excited. I treat every year the same, whether we have everybody coming back or nobody coming back. Iím very systematically disciplined in my approach to coach a guy."

--On coaching his son this year:
"For him I think itís going to be very effortless and for me as well. He is a very disciplined guy. He understands what the standard is and the work ethic it takes and what commitment is. My only concern is that heís able to have some fun. Donít be overboard, just have some fun and enjoy college. Itís the best time of your life so take a deep breath and just give it your best shot everyday but Iím really looking forward to it. Iím blessed beyond what I deserve to be able to coach my own son and be a part of this journey with him.Ē

Dabo is still the coach, so win or loose we are OK.