Final Four Contest

The experts will reveal rankings in the next few weeks.
They are always wrong. CFB is very hard to predict.
Some sure bets will fade, and teams not suppose to do well will win.
It happens every year 100%.

Experts journalist go with the Blue Bloods as time has proven that teams with $$$ tend to win more. Teams with history and money attract better players. That is a fact.

Still some teams with more will fail to assemble a team from all their talent, and some with less will get all the guys on the same page. It happens every year.

As of now the favored teams to make a run to the 'Final Four' are Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State, Washington, Georgia, and Clemson. Clemson lacks the $$$ of the others, but has assembled a veteran team. Most of the players from last year are back. The other teams always have too much talent and too much money.

This is 6 teams. I am positive not all will make it as there are only four slots. History shows that other teams not listed will earn their way in.

Picking the Final Four has been done here on YardCrap from the start of the FF, and it is always a roller coaster ride. Gnomes expect the same this year as they aint as dumb as they appear.

Stay tuned for details of the CONTEST.