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Thread: Athlon preseason All-America (DL thread)

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    Athlon preseason All-America (DL thread)

    This is the Dexter Lawrence thread and I will come back to it during the season.

    I know the Athalon crap means little, just Summer Fun.
    Clemson has 3 on their 1st team with an OG, a DT, and an TE.

    What makes this list mean nothing and indicates it was compiled by idiots is they predict Dexter Lawrence 3rd string.

    He got banged up early last season by the assholes (GT) who do go all out to injure opponents. He missed games and played all later season games injured. The last 6 games when he was needed most - could not do much. That happens, especially to linemen who play GT. This year at 100% he will become an early first round NFL pick, maybe going as high as #1. Put me on record now for that as I aint an idiot like the girls at Athalon.

    I will copy/paste and add some things to clear up what I think.

    Dexter is 6'4" 340 pounds with body fat of just 18%.
    "I'm trying to be an Academic All-American," Lawrence says. "That's one of my goals."

    I've never seen a guy this size who moves like this. He's just a rare guy. He doesn't have a weakness. - Coach Dabo

    At Clemson Dexter was taken under the wing of Christian Wilkins who may end up being the greatest ever to play at Clemson if you look at every thing he brings. Wilkins was a first round NFL DT last year but came back because he could still be a Tiger.
    "He's the guy with power, and I'm a bit more finesse," Wilkins says of his teammate. "He's 350 pounds and strong as an ox. He just moves people out the way. I'm pretty strong, but not quite that strong."
    Wilkins and Lawrence hang out together and hit the tackling sled together in the dark after the practice field empties.

    The two don't just compete on the field where they're shoulder to shoulder, but also compete in the classroom, trying to outperform each other in terms of grades and GPA. They'll even compete when it comes to nutrition, sharing body compositions with one another, which Clemson tests regularly.

    Unlike Christian, Dexter is a soft-spoken guy who has a deep love of math.
    "He doesn't see himself as this giant of a man," Coach Dabo says. "His persona does not fit his body."
    Dexter says he may one day join the FBI.

    What that all means for yall in Rio Linda is teams can't gang on one tackle, it is pick your poison. Wilkins is of course an Athalon 1st Team All American. Placing Dexter on their 3rd team is funny and makes their list look like it was assembled by basketball people.

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    Sports Illustrated is out with their top 100 players and they have Dexter Lawrence at #10, so much for Athalon.
    They have Wilkins at#3 and Ferrell at #7.
    Hyatt fell all the way to #37 for them, but was 1st team for Athalon.

    It is all just pre-season fun.

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