Jimbo is in the news today.It took a massive ten-year, $75 million contract, but if Fisher does what hes supposed to do, and hes the one who helps the program finally make that jump to being a true SEC player, hell be more than worth it.

I am up on the guy. He will do anything to win - anything.
He is above rules.
At FS he had all the tools and talent available that few do and he won.
FS is a dream job not one you bail on.
To date as I see it, he made a career keeping Winston on the team and out of jail. Without Winston his career is less, much less.

Jimbo is a good coach and Texas A&M can match FS as to money if not talent.
$75,000,000 is a lot.

Make no mistake, they want to play this year and every year with Auburn, Georgia, and Alabama. They hope they just bought that.
Time will tell.