Some coaches and some programs are better than others.
The best teams don't just recruit at a high level, but bring in kids who fit their vision. Teams win, not individuals.

In the olden days it was ND and some others.
These days Alabama is winning as they field the best players.
After the days of Bear Bryant, #s a school can bring in are limited.
That means many players are looking for a job.

No matter what Alabama, OHS, USC or ND does, good players will be out there.

For 2019 Georgia has just a few on board so far, but everyone of those has enough stars behind their name to light up the night. If you believe that under a solid coaching staff that will not lead to wins - stop reading.

Last year Clemson had room for just a few. This year more and the year after many will be needed. Clemson can't get all 5 star guys or even all 4 star guys like Ga and the big programs, but some guys just need another year or two to develop. We get those guys. In recent years that is working out OK.