Clemson Football Camp is underway.
Most top high school kids in the country go to many of these. The learning curve for them as to big time football, and for staff as to them, is off the chart positive.

This week a fun name showed at Clemson -> Chandler Morris from Highland Park, Texas. He has been at Clemson camps since he was a tyke (2011).
He is small at 6' 180. I see on 247 he currently has no offers and no stars for his class -->2020. He will most likely be in camp here again next year.

Will he play college ball - yes.
Will he come to Clemson - maybe. If he wants to, he can. Not many can say that. The door is wide open for him here. Winning playing time would be a different story.

Another camp (among many) he will attend is Arkansas. The coach there claims to have a "relationship" with the kid's Mom and feels sure he can get him on campus for their camp.

His Pop (and Ark head coach) is revered here at Clemson. Clemson often brings on kids of legacy players, and this kid is welcome. Not only that, but he is sure to be a good player after a couple more years of high school.

Clemson would gladly hire his Pop for a million$ to sweeten the deal.