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    Here on YC all can look back at posts and see I am a long time fan of Texas A&M.
    "A&M" stands for agriculture and military.

    CLEMSON opened as an Agricultural and Military College in 1893. When I joined there it was CLEMSON A&M. They shaved my head and gave me an M-1 Rifle.

    You could say Texas A&M was a sister (or brother as no females then) school.

    The teams have rarley played. A&M leads 3-1 with the last being a Tiger victory (25-24) in 2005 .
    Texas A&M claims three national championships

    A&M replaced games with Oregon to play Clemson this season and next. I like that. Football in the state of Texas is huge. Clemson will be headed there to famed Kyle Stadium ("Home of the 12th Man") which holds 102,000 rabid fans.

    About 5 years ago A&M pulled out all the stops as to $$ and WOW!
    Much of that could be due to one of the best college football players ever - Johnny Football and also joining the SEC. This is now a college where $$ is no object as to football. To prove that they hired away the successful Florida State coach, Jimbo Fisher - $75 million, the most lucrative contract in terms of guaranteed money signed by a newly hired head coach in college football history.

    Colleges in TEXAS have steped up big time and so has A&M.
    When you pay the $$, you expect results. Many recent times that has meant means rules go out the window. I don't expect to see that at A&M.
    I do expect them to win.

    Home Field --- see above, A&M +1.

    COACHING --- No coach knows CLEMSON better than Jimbo Fisher. He has played the Tigers every year and recruited in the home of every player on the team.
    He is has proven to be an elite coach. I don't care for him as he lets players slide as long as they perform on the field, but that is common in most programs. He owned the cops as to his team in Florida. He is a proven winner and will win at A&M.
    Clemson also has good coaches. I don't believe coaches will decide this game. ~even~

    Offense --- Tigers have more talent at all positions - +1.
    Defense --- Tigers have more talent at all positions - +1.

    I believe it will be a tough game.

    Looking at A&M:

    ---> "Home of the 12th Man" is huge, but less for teams like CLEMSON whose players have been on huge stages before.

    ---> A&M will run the ball more than in the past because Coach Fisher does that. They have a good stable of those guys because this is Texas. Running over the Clemson line will be hard.

    ---> Excellent QBs are on hand. Like with CLEMSON, who that will be is unknown in May. I am positive both teams will line up with a QB, and a plan he can win with. Coach Fisher is worth the $$ they paid him.

    Looking at "too early" CLEMSON:

    ---> it is unlikely the A&M "O" line can control the Tiger "D" line. The QB will need to get the ball off to a receiver or running back quickly. Running backs will have a tough day gaining yards. The deal is to pass into the "weak, inexperienced" Tiger secondary. Fisher will use tight ends, running backs, and even full backs for that as going down field will be hard due to lack of time.

    ---> the CLEMSON "O" will be the same as last season except a year older.
    It is not dynamic as to stretching the field verticle, but very good horizonal. The "O" pretends to do "this or that", but runs the ball. They run the ball with short passes to recievers and of course with running backs. The QB is an excellent running back.
    All the "O" that mattered will be back.
    Step up, stop the run game and the Tigers are toast. Can A&M do that? Nope - +1.

    DABO Tigers vs SEC most times means a win. A&M will not see the Tiger team that will be playing in November, and the same is even more true on the other side. This will be a fun game with lots of mistakes.

    I see a tough game as these "players" become "teams".
    The Tiger "D" wins this game. Only Johnny Football could change that, and he will be a spectator.

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    Yes, Clemson should win but these early season games will make you nervous! A&M will probably be more jacked up with the start of a new era with Jimbo. I can see some of the ESPN "experts" calling for an UPSET ALERT! .... Not likely at all...

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