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    Any of yall use this?
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    Here is the hype on NutraSaff :

    Scientists in the world’s largest safflower breeding program developed NutraSaff especially for the bird feed markets. Preliminary findings show birds prefer NutraSaff to traditional safflower by two to one.

    Squirrels don't care for it.
    NutraSaff has 15% more oil content than traditional safflower.
    NutraSaff has 25% higher protein than traditional safflower.
    NutraSaff has 30% higher fat content (energy) than traditional safflower.
    Wild birds have an easier time digesting and extracting the meal from NutraSaff safflower seeds.
    NutraSaff provides a higher energy source with less waste than any other bird feed on the market.
    Desirable birds will flock to the feeder but the squirrels stay away.

    I have been giving it a shot for a few months.
    As with anything, it took a while for birds to see it as food.
    I have had safflower out for decades. I like this better, and so do the birds.
    Even Gold Finch like it (wish they did not). There is less mess as opposed to SunFlower which remains my main feeder food. It cost about $1.40 a pound if you shop smart. Sunflower is about 50cents a pound, so this is in the price range of shelled Sunflower.

    The best price I know of is Dr Foster who I have been buying from for years due to price and service. They have free shipping and a few times a year send you a 20% off thing. I stock up on things then.
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    bumping this up for a re-look

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    I'm going to try some of that stuff. Sounds like good fuel for the birds.

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