Deon Cain and Ray Ray McCloud went in the 6th round of the NFL draft.
These two 5 star receivers came to Clemson and stayed 3 years.
Both had good careers and both entered the NFL draft as juniors.

I doubt either is pleased with 6th round and expected better.
I would say neither had a 5-star career at Clemson. Coming back for the senior year may not have helped, but maybe?

Them moving on has little effect as to the Clemson team capabilities, but experience and maturity is a good thing to have on board.
A huge change was last year when Clemson was not a down field passing team as in years before.

Cain could get open, but Bryant could not get him the ball. McCloud was good at short passes, but seldom got free after the catch, often tackled in the backfield.

This year could be more of the same for receivers as Bryant still is not a down field passer. Obviously Clemson can win without that.
I suspect that entered into them going pro early.

I hope the pro teams give these guys a chance. If so I believe both can become stars due to the talent they have.