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    Cow Bird Killer

    Every year I am positive I will wipe out Cow Birds that infect my yard.
    Every year I wimp out.
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    In Spring I have them, then they are gone.
    It is brood parasite. There are millions of them and they don't raise the young. They lay an egg here and there in the nests of other birds. The Cowbird hatching is stronger and gets all the food as the other hatching's die. The nest parents in most cases cannot ell the difference. If you want your back yard birds to produce more like themselves to entertain you, Cow Birds are your enemy. They have at times nearly wiped out a few species.
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    In my defense today in the rain is that Percy is on my lap and I don't want to disturb his happy sleep. So I sit watching a few eat my feeder food and my brain burns.

    I have a couple air soft guns that are excellent at scaring them off. They hit hard, but I am unlikely to hit a bird with one. In the plus, they don't tear up my bird feeders and scare the hell out of Cow Birds as they are loud and spit out plastic BBs at a high rate.

    I have this $150 pistol that some military and police units use to train new people with:
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    It is very good, accurate, and not a complete toy at 350ft/sec. Right now it is on loan to Chuck.

    This year I got this one in:
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    It is expensive, but over the top. It fires 900 rounds a minute at 430ft/sec. It has a real "WOW" factor as to going after Cow Birds as they fly off. It sounds like I am in the middle of a war zone.

    I have this real BB gun (and some others) that is fun and very good:
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    It fires 6 round burst as fast as you can pull the trigger. It holds 300 BBs, 30 in chamber. It spits out metal BBs at 430ft/sec and can chew up bottles, cans, my bird feeders, Cow Birds, etc. It is serious.

    On the porch these are great fun as I plink at targets all year. Can I hit a Cow Bird or maybe you with one?
    You I can hit, a Cow Bird at 50 foot, not so easy. I may not have it in me to harm a critter, even a Cow Bird. I have been trying to hit one for decades as I hate them, but just shoot close and scare them off.

    I could hit one easy with this gun I have:
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    It launches a lead pellet at 520ft/sec and is spot on accurate. I could hit a Cow Bird in my feeders easy with this. It is not a toy.

    I seem to be the only real toy here.

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    I see a parallel here! The cowbirds are like illegal immigrants! They invade their host and raise their young at the expense of their poor host who doesn't realize what is happening until it is too late and the host is endangered to the point of possible extinction.

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