The head ESPN annalist was at the Spring game.
He said this is the best 4 QBs ever compiled. l agree and have been watching the game longer than him.

To keep me excited but even keel, have Mozart Concertos 7 and 9 playing on the porch.
These guys are not as accomplished as Mozart, but WTF?

As a Clemson fan love them all and thank them for choosing us. They are Clemson guys.
At the end of the day some of them need to move on as I want then all to have a chance to shine.
A good example would be Willie Simmons. A less good example would be Chad Kelly who rocked the SEC after leaving Clemson.
I don't want them to leave, but ..... and want them all to be starters.

All these guys deserve to start and Vegas would favor us with any of them in most games. One deal is they all came aboard against a stacked deck to prove on the field they were better. That is the guy you want.

How will it go?
Dabo said before Spring that Bryant is the starter and said that again after Spring practice. Choosing a guy who did not loose last year in regular season and took us to the FF is what it is --> excellent.

What will Fall bring?