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Thread: Spring Garden

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    I started a little later this year Tony, but mine should start by July 4th. We're having some family here for a cookout, and hopefully, I'll have ripe tomatoes for the hamburgers.

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    As a kid the family would vacation the week of the 4th at Myrtle Beach. When you got home the 'maters were ripe, so early July is about right.
    I have 4 plants on the dock. They are looking great, covered in green tomatoes, so my fingers are crossed. My pepper plant is loaded. I have harvested a few squash to feed my fish, tore those out Sunday and replaced with Zucchini seed. I see today I have 3 plants up.

    Years back I built nice irrigated raised beds and grew a lot, even some corn and melons. My place is now shaded in, so veggie growing is limited to pots on the dock where there is all day full Sun.

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