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Thread: Clemson Spring Game

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    Clemson Spring Game

    That means almost nothing as to anything but is fun.
    I am eager and intend to drive over for it.
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    Spring game is our last chance unitil Fall Practice.
    Tour de France will break up the Summer.

    In this game QBs can not be tackled.
    The units who train to be a team are split and it is more an individual thing.

    As a side note for this game, the best 'D' in the nation is against a suspect "O". Not really as the guys are split. In Spring practice the "O" has been dominate and Caoch V is not happy.

    Media is playing up the 4 QBs because there is little mystery other places.

    All 4 QBs are excellent.
    The new guy is Lawrence. No one could live up to the hype as to him.

    - Lawrence throws for a TD.
    - Johnson makes some good throws, less so for Bryant
    - my guy Brice makes some great thorws and ends with a field goal.

    Media keeps hyping the game. Make no mistake, the old guard
    "O" and "D" lines are coaching, not killing.

    A guy back after a year of injury misses a 49 yard kick. Dabo halts the game for do-over. The media goes crazy because they don't understand Clemson is team.
    Herbstreet says he was shook when talking to Ferrel this week who told him that Clemson does not "use" players, but develops them.

    A touch on a QB ends the play. That is not real life as no one guy brings down Bryant.

    - Bryce goes 43 yards to "walk on" Renfrow.

    These guys play against each other every day. Like with most teams with talent, they will not often face as much during the regular season.

    - for years Clemson has the best receivers and signed a 5star yesterday. In this game Higgins is taking over. Some say the next guy up is a guy like Sammie watkins, but I believe Higgins believes this is his time.

    Christain Wilkins owns Clemson and at 500 pounds has played even running back.
    Now they have him at saftey and he can do the job. He is the best player in America and surely the most fun player in America.

    We learned nothing. The coaches who get paid millions hopefuly learned a lot.

    As none of the QBs are pure pocket passers and a touch ended the play - ???

    As many believe, Bryant is the worst passer, but we knew that.

    Lawrence is special. Brice is as good as anyone in America, no - better.

    Tee Higgins is now a man.

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