I am a fan of Georgia and also the UG football team.

I don't know why, but have yet to make a game at UG.
They are close. Maybe some of us YC guys could get up a trip this year?

In Charlotte I had a UG friend and we made fun bets.
I was able to move back home in 2001.

In 2003 UG showed here and the score was 30-0. My Bride had to help me to the car.
In 2013 my Tigers got the win here - 38-35.

- My choice would be to play UG, UNC, and TN every year.

Historically Georgia leads 42184
Historically Georgia is a Blue Blood and Clemson was like now when teams schedule a sure win with a much smaller school.

The big thing in common is both schools have rabid fans. That is not normal.
Win or loose, fans at UG or CU are not "bandwagon" and are all in. Clemson fans are more friendly and tail gate at a much higher level, but WTF?

How could one not be a fan of these two?
I have pure hate in my heart for SC and believe GT should be in jail for illegal chop blocking that injuries players, but I like most teams that don't cheat like Ole Miss, Auburn, and UNC.