Fenders dropped in today.
I suppose he heard my music, came over to tell me to turn it down or maybe just to say "hello"? He had work still to do in his yard and so had to refuse my offer of a bottle of excellent beer because ??
It was good to see him. He is a solid American working hard and guiding his kids through college. I wish I had some kids. I have cats.

In my yard, also am doing a lot of work as Spring approaches. In my yard it takes an experienced eye (or a drunk one) to see that I do anything. I do work, but I am old and much of my work was done in years past. I am low on energy, but do more than most at my of any age. I was just being funny there as I ran 4 miles at a 10 minute pace today and my heart beat was under 140. That would put all my neighbors in the morgue.

I sit on my porch too much with beer and tunes and enjoy my work. I know that, just can't see a reason to change. Keeping my yard up is fun and work. I am excited about many changes to come, and not so much as to work needed just to maintain.
All my neighbors would suggest I bulldoze and plant Fescue. They have $$ and would probably pay or it all. That is not on my agenda. I believe I have the most interesting yard in the county. As I have no lawn - am seen as an eye sore.

Right now as Spring approaches, my yard is green and has been that all Winter as opposed to the local barren landscape Nature gives us. To get here, for years I put in plants that entertain in Winter. I don't have a lawn but have many types of grass growing. Neighbors hate things like deer, and I grow things to attract them.
This time of year many flowers are up and it will just get better as Tulips arrive. It takes a lot of planning and work to look this bad.

My yard is on overflow with late Winter flowers and not so much in other yards, but they have grass.

My yard has hundreds of flying flowers (birds). Most yards have a few but not hundreds. The deal there is how much you like to look at birds as opposed to say - grass? Today got out some fresh Hummingbird feeders. I know they are not due for a couple weeks, but why not?

I don't believe the neighbors are yet organized enough to make me conform.