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    Arkansas Football

    Why would anyone care ...

    ... the new head coach is Chad Morris.
    It can be argued (no argument from me) that this guy was a major deal in bringing Clemson back to being more fun. He is an "O" wizard. We still run his "O". Dabo hired him one year away from coaching high school, and I believe Morris to be a winner. He will win at Arkansas - count on that! Morris left Clemson too early, but is now at a college that has money and fans. Put it in your book, in no time you will hear about Arkansas. At SMU he was 14-22. No matter, glad Arkansas saw this guy is the real deal.

    When the egg heads decided Clemson should not go back to the Frank Howard days, Danny Ford was run outa town. Danny Ford is my hero. Arkansas hired him. He bought a huge farm/ranch near Clemson and still out sells Dabo as to radio/tv adds in our area. He is a superstar. Like Dabo, Danny came to us from Alabama, but both are solid Tigers now.

    Clemson hired Ken Hatfield away from Arkansas. He was there percentage winninest(is that a word) coach just ahead of Lou Holtz. Hatfield is exceptional. The egg heads ran him off. He should now be a Clemson legend and is in my mind.

    Clemson vs Arkansas on the field is 0-0. That is sad.
    For years they have been down. That is about to change.

    Why am I a fan?
    I became a Razorback fan years back when my friend Carol Faircloth married a fanatic Razorback, Sneed Shaw. They went to most games, their sons graduated there. I love Carol, have been to Clemson games with her. Sneed even started pulling for Clemson.
    Arkansas is headed up. Put that in your book.
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    Chad Morris is getting into Big Time College Football now as a head coach in the SEC. I wish him well! Seems like only a few years ago he was coaching high school!

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