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    This is a pretty good article on Chickadees. I think the only ones I see are Black-capped and Carolina but Bill can certainly enlighten us more on his sightings.

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    I do like my Chickadees. They are friendly and constant all year. All one really needs to be happy are these and the Titmouse. Put out a feeder and they will come. The eat many things.
    In Winter they do flock with other birds. They travel an area for food (here around and around my house as there are feeders) and are joined by other Winter birds. The tiny Chickadee is the boss of the pack. My pack includes Downy and Nuthatch.
    Right now crushed peanuts and my suet mix is keeping them happy.

    Soon they will split up to nest. Many birds are territorial. That means you only end up with one maybe two pair nesting in your area. They like bird houses. I try to keep out many that are safer from predators and hope they choose those. Some say I put in too much effort, but it entertaines me and does no harm. It is also much cheaper than golfing, or running, or ??
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