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Thread: How To Recruit

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    How To Recruit

    As signing day ends Georgia brought in the #1 Class with OHS 2nd.
    This can be deceiving as not all schools had equal numbers as to scholarships to award. The difference in say the top 5 is not much, so all of them are the winners.
    Alabama got most of what they wanted as did USC, Texas, etc. I expect Clemson not to be in the top ten as less positions were available to award.

    So where do these guys multi-star players come from?
    Most come from Florida, Georgia, California, and Texas. No other states come close. These few had over 500 last year and no other states had even 200, most had under 100.

    A college needs to lock up its borders and keep the guys home. There are just too many in the above states so they have to travel. Places with more to attract than just "pull for the home state" pull from farther away. A few (Alabama, OHS, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc) recruit the nation.
    In the old days Bear Bryant would give a scholarship to all in order to keep other schools from getting them. Now with a limit of 85, the talent is more spread out. The top schools pick first, but many, many excellent players are now left on the board.
    A few good players might not make a lesser team a World beater, but makes them competitive.

    Clemson has been around for a hundred years and been up and down like most all. I suspect that will be the case again as it is a smaller school in a small state.
    The old deal was we split the few in-state players with SC and on occassion got one in from NC or Georgia.
    Things changed when Coach Bowden came. He later got fired midseason, but I like the guy and all he accomplished. He is an excellent man. He started the pipeline talent.
    From Georgia he got Charlie Whitehurst and James Davis. Then he shocked the CFB world by going to Florida and bringing CJ Spiller home. He attracted T. Boyd from Virgina. We were not yet winning, but things were afoot. Good guys were attracted to Bowden who was a strong Christian and jogged everyday at lunch. He hired coaches who jogged to have company. Being the son of an all time great coach helped a lot. I am a fan of T. Bowden (and his Pop).

    Bowden hired an out of football guy as a wide receivers coach. Dabo had worked for 2 years as a shopping center leasing agent. They had met when both were at Alabama where Dabo had been fired from. As an Alabama player, Dabo Swinney was twice named an Academic All-SEC and SEC Athlete Honor Roll member. In three seasons at Alabama, he caught just 7 passes.

    Bowden hired guys who were not afraid to say they were a good Christian. When he had less energy for the job, he parted mid-season. To hold the spot until end of season when another "real" coach could be hired, of all unlikely things, the wide receiver's coach was given the task as all the coordinators were now toast.
    Dabo dug in, brought energy, and over the objections of most (me included) was given the job at end of season. He had gone 4-3 and lost the Gator Bowl.

    Players liked him and recruits liked him. The most common quote is "he is real".
    Soon instead of having a few good players on campus, we had a lot.
    4-3, 9-5, 6-7, 10-4, 11-2, 11-2, 10-3, 14-1, 14-1, 12-2.

    No one saw the Tigers going 12-2 this year with a final regular season rank of #1.
    Everyone sees a possibility of that this year and next year.
    As recruiting closes today, again some "good" kids chose Clemson. Many don't fit the mold of a Dabo and are not recruited. Clemson is a small school in a tiny town with no strip clubs or rowdy bars. The biggest recruiting tool is any Mom who visits with her kid. I don't mean the Moms (and Pops) who are pushing thier kid to NFL greatness, but those who love their kid. I am not saying many other schools are not similiar, just that Moms love Clemson. Turning your kid over to Dabo is easy to do.

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    Can instead of "oh crap" can I cuss and say "Oh Shit"?

    Not many left on the board today and msot went to the top schools.

    Top 100 player and cornerback from Mo picked Clemson. We are getting kids from the mid west?

    "It’s exciting. He’s a genuine guy," Goodrich said. "He cares about his players. They’re always at his house. He’s got an open-door policy. I just felt comfortable around him."

    "Dabo is the man. It felt like home when we were there," Goodrich's mom said during the announcement.


    Oh Shit, stop the bus, a 5star from Alabama wants on.

    "When I was up there, it just felt like family," Ross said. "Even though we were out of state, they made me and my family feel like it was home. That played a big part. It just felt like home."

    It is not often the top ranked player in Alabama does not choose Auburn or Alabama (well never).

    That makes two 5star wide receivers for this class, and it is not like Clemson has none here.

    I just hope his Mom is not reading this as I seldom cuss, but:
    Oh Shit !!!

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    2018 receiver Drew Swinney from Clemson, SC has signed his NLI as a preferred walk-on at Clemson during a high school ceremony on Wednesday.
    Swinney is the son of Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney and the brother of freshman receiver and holder Will Swinney.

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    Georgia took 26 as did OHS. Texas took 27 and PS just 23.
    Clemson is way down but just had room for 17.
    Who has the best class coming in will not be known for a couple years.

    Of note (on paper) is Sc did well and Michigan not so much. Alabama and Auburn did well. Miami did exceptional but they most times do. The difference is now they have a real coach and will field a real team.

    UNC did Ok as did GT. VT again was top level.
    Pac 12 and Big 12 - not so much.
    Florida and Oklahoma did great. You expect that every year from Florida, suspect O is stilll reaping benefits from Mayfield and they are next door to the state of Texas.

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    ....on Clemson signing the No. 1 player from six different states

    "That's strong and it's a tribute to the people here and the brand of Clemson University," "It's exciting. I'm fired up about it."
    ---Brandon Streeter ex Tiger QB and now QB coach

    What it says is Clemson has attention in a larger range.

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    RESULTS of Who Won

    Yes, we now make even who wins the recruiting battle a big deal.

    Is it a big deal?
    It depends.

    Certainly a team with better players has a better chance of success.

    Over time it is shown that the the big $$ schools are constatly top 10 or so as to recruiting.
    In olden times it was a bigger deal.. Now players travel to play and ranking a class means less.

    Look at the last decade where Florida, Tennesse, UNC, Texas, USC, ND etc keep bringing in top teams and fail to form a winning team with the talent.

    Year after year teams who brought in less talent and developed it make the top 20 in the final poll.


    1. Alabama

    2. Georgia

    3. Oklahoma

    4. Clemson

    5. Ohio State

    6. UCF

    7. Wisconsin

    8. Penn State

    9. TCU

    10. Auburn

    11. Notre Dame

    12. USC

    13. Miami (Fla.)

    14. Oklahoma State

    15. Michigan State

    16. Washington

    17. Northwestern

    18. LSU

    19. Mississippi State

    20. Stanford

    As always bluebloods are there and as always, others earn in.

    Talent is better than coaches, but the real deal is good coaches bring in guys they can coach. Coaches don't win and players don't win - teams win.

    Talented kids often chose a place they can make it to the NFL from. These days that is a lot of places if not all as opposed to exposure. The preparation a kid will get here or there is extreme. In all the above except UFC who is less, a kid will have every chance to develop into the best he can be. $$ is no big deal.

    This year the media is saying Alabama is shot as after a hundred years being #1 they slid in this cycle. If you even slightly believe that you are an idiot.
    If you believe that Georgia is now the king after edging out OHS this year in recruiting, you are an idiot.
    Ga, OHS, and Texas took 10+ players more than Alabama and that added more total points. That also means that these schools will have 10+ new 18 year olds to match Alabama's older more experienced players. A new Texas 5star is no match for an older, experienced Alabama player who if added to the poll would be well above a 5star.

    This is rare water for Clemson. Only having room for 17 meant a low rank. Taking another 10 would have vauted them even if they were 3stars. Does anyone believe that USC taking 18 or Clemson less means the team will be crap or that Georgia had a better class?

    I know as an interested spectator/fan that Clemson got all they wanted and more than they expected. This was the case a couple years back.

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