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Thread: CLEMSON 2018 Football

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    CLEMSON 2018 Football

    The 2017 season exceeded my (and most people's) expectations. To be honest, so have the last few seasons.
    I know all are waiting to hear what I think of our 2018 Team.

    I generally start upset as many of the guys I know graduate or leave early to make some money. I always see gloom and doom. Then after Spring Practice my hopes go up, and by Fall kick off, am "all in".

    It is too early today to know who is leaving.
    We already know a top lineman and a top receiver are leaving early. That list will grow.
    We know some excellent guys are graduating.
    Almost all graduate under Dabo, even the guys who leave early. He even brings back guys who have been gone years before he was coach and gets them back working on their degree.
    Graduating is a must for Dabo, and parents like that.

    Teams change every year in CFB at all schools and is what adds to the fun.

    This year I suspect only one guy from the "D" line will return. It was a great line. They are why we over achieved. As sad as that is, the 2018 line will be good.

    This year the "O" line will also take hits. The "O" line of 2017 was the best at Clemson in a long time. I suspect it will take a step back, but still be OK.

    Running backs, receivers, and secondary "D" guys will also change some, but I don't see any drop off there. I see all those to be better in 2108.

    This time last year the projection by experts and fans was 2nd or 3rd in the ACC and hope to win 9 games.
    I believe this 2018 team will be pre-season favorite to win the ACC and win all the games. That rarely happens, but preseason I think they will be the Vegas favorite in all 12 games.

    I don't see the 2018 team as better than 2017, but no one saw how good 2017 would be.
    This year they are expected to win.

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    I like to get out before the experts so my crap is not a rehash.
    I am most times wrong as I am not an expert.
    Actually, I am as I have over 50 years of spectator status.
    Most things are obvious, and experts will work those points to ad nauseam.

    The QB is the most important position in CFB. This year Alabama won by changing in the last game. The guy who got them there was benched and a true freshman played. Clemson did not have that courage.

    At a few colleges the QB is set.
    Fun facts I can think of:

    -- Mayfield will finally be gone from Oklahoma after 9 years. They have a top guy ready to step in, but no one is Mayfield.

    -- Georgia has Fromn, and a 5star who wants (deserves?) the job. Fromn keeps this job and of course improves as the teenager gets a year older.

    -- At Alabama, Hurts took them to the final game for the second year and was benched for a freshman. Who starts next season? Saban knows, but we will not untill kick off.

    -- At OHS after what seems like forever, finally Barrett leaves. OHS has 3 guys who might be better who are eager to battle for the job. Keep in mind that in the CFB Championship it was AL freshman against Ga freshman. OHS will be a better team in 2108, and they were not shabby this year. These guys are not freshmen.

    -- Michigan has talent and a top QB is transferring in. Is this the year of Harbaugh?

    -- Around the country are great QBs. Many like the guy at NCS are coming back.

    -- Clemson is all we really care about, but I need a new post to have fun with it.

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    Clemson QB.

    These guys below are Tigers, and I am a Tiger fan. I hate to say it, but hope some will transfer to give them the opportunity they have earned. I understand how had that would be as they are even bigger Tiger fans than am I.

    Bryant led a CLEMSON team expected to win 8 games to the FF. The guy is very good. It is doubtful that one of the younger QBs could have done that.
    He will be back and improved. Coach Dabo will start him as that is who Dabo is.
    Only an idiot would disagree.

    Bryant was not the best QB at Clemson this year. He was 3rd. He was the best choice to win games.

    Now at CLEMSON are 5 excellent QBs. Bryant may be the one with the least talent. He does not have NFL talent. He can pass, but not on an elite level. He is the best runner by far. There will be a lot of "hype" about the best man plays, but he will start. Like in 2017, the team will win and Bryant may keep the job all season. It is the "DABO way".

    If this happens, there is no reason to think Clemson will not again be in the FF.
    The running backs will be stronger, and the receivers will be improved, but underused. In 2017 the receivers were under used as Bryant is not a great passer. Diehards will point to numbers, but most of that is short pass and yards gained after the catch.

    On roster at Clemson for 2018 are maybe the best receivers in CFB. Bryant is not a natural passer. Our running backs are good, but our receivers could be great.

    "The WTF factor" -- the big deal is said to be for a kid to learn the play book and the speed of college. It is hard, but kids show it can be done every year, especially this year in in the FF. Mayfield was the best by far, but lacked the team around him of Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson. Alabama has not had a "GREAT" QB in a long time. Our kids (except for the new guy) know the playbook and could coach it. The WTF factor is being demolished.


    -----cooper.jpgZerrick Cooper (GA) was the back up. He is better than Bryant. He is 6'2 and has serious skills. He can run and pass. He can start on most teams. 2018 will be his 3rd year at Clemson, but I think he will transfer to play. He does not want to, but it is best as he is never going to start at Clemson.

    -----brice.jpgChase Brice (GA) is 6'2 and due to getting to Clemson in the Fall, was a red shirt. His high school record is off the chart. All were amazed when he chose Clemson. It would appear he be down the line (on the bench), but he thinks not. I know less about him, but I like his attitude. Now he has been at Clemson for a year and still believes he will play. His talent is as good as anyone - anywhere. I don't know if he will transfer. Like him, I believe the Tigers would be hard to beat with him at the QB. Spring practice will decide his future. I like him a lot. Imagine, this guy was a redshirt and could have started on most teams. He is better than both guys who were in the Championship game.

    ----- hunter.jpgHunter Johnson (IN) was 3rd string and now has a season under his belt. He is 6'4 and is sure to play in the NFL. He is a 5 star who can throw better than most pros, and certainly better than college players. He intends to earn the job. Will he be given the chance? I don't know. It seems doubtful as Dabo is sure to go again with Bryant out of loyalty if nothing else. He played well in 3rd string mop up duty this year. As to talent, he is maybe the 3th best ever to take the field at Clemson and he aint yet had a chance to make his stock rise.

    -----tucker.jpg Tucker Israel (FL) is 5'11. As a 4th year guy he knows the system better than any QB. Injury has limited him. All he did in Florida was shatter all the state records set by guys like Teebow and Watson. He is a guy us Tiger fans are eager to see on the field.
    Is he the best ever passer at Clemson - maybe. He now has maturity and the experience of a coach. I am positive that if he were the starting QB, Clemson would go back to the FF.
    I don't think he has a shot in hell of being the starter, but if needed, all will be OK when ever he enters a game.

    ----- lawrence.jpgTrevor Lawrence (Ga) 6'6, is the new kid who came on campus this week. He is said to be the best player of a generation -> a god. Why he chose Clemson is a mystery. He did it early and is largely responsible for the great 2018 class as he has been recruiting. Guys want to play on his team. To read the hype, he is better than Watson, or anyone. He takes it in stride. He should start in 2018 (for the long term) so he can gain experience, but he won't. Bryant will. Can he rise above the talent listed above already here and experienced? That would seem an impossible task as Clemson is loaded, but experts say he is a football god.

    The talent at QB for Clemson is -> the best any college ever had. Only one can play.
    I like (I love) all these guys. Everyone of these guys can lead the Tigers. There is not a wrong choice.


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    hope tucker wins it

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