It has been unusually cold here for a couple weeks.
I have had fun out here on the porch with temps in the 20's.
Some of my water holes froze over.

My birds have been fun, and I got a few good photos. I am too lazy today to mess with them, but will at some point.

A few more Chipping Sparrows have showed, so up to about a dozen. Pine Siskins are definitely here this year and today are at all my feeders. Right now about a dozen are taking a bath.

I now have 3 Pine Warblers, but only one Kinglet, one Hermit Thrush, one Yellow-rumped Warbler, and as of now, no Juncos.

Right now in the Sunshine with temps at 57, the yard is full.

I have out around 20 feeders with different foods. Sunflower and Sunflower chips are in demand most due to most all eat that. The Siskins and the Finches are hungry.

The favorite food here at my Catbird chair is chopped shelled peanuts. The Pine Warblers, Nut hatches, and Kinglet are eating more of that than even my suet mix.

Have a couple Checkfield albums on today and the birds approve.
Birds I have seen so far today:

Black Vulture
House Finch
Gold Finch
White-breasted Nuthatch
Purple Finch
White-throated Sparrow
Carolina Wren
Song Sparrow
Hermit Thrush
Pine Warbler
Red-breasted Woodpecker
Mocking Bird
Downey Woodpecker
Mourning Dove
Brown-headed Nuthatch
Blue Jay