What do you think? I will give my take as a big fan and graduate of UGA. I am looking for a changing of the guard in the SEC. I am not sure if it will happen Monday night but I do think that there is at least a 50-50 chance. The Dawgs have a great stable of running backs and a very good quarterback that is no longer a freshman. He is 14 games in as a credible starter. He rarely turns the ball over and his command of the game is outstanding. He reads the defenses and makes good decisions. The offensive line has really come along late in the season. The defense is very good although they had a bad first half against an explosive Oklahoma team. They are very well-coached as evidenced by the half-time adjustments in the Rose Bowl. The players love the program and several NFL ready players came back for the senior season this year and more are going to do the same next year. Recruiting is already number one. The future is looking very bright.

Bama is still Bama and they are solid all around and will be hard to beat but I am convinced that the Dawgs are capable of pulling the upset.

My prediction is 25-21 Georgia.

Here is some encouragement from some of our local kids at Liberty Elementary. Big Ben is our Toccoa member of the Dawgs - Ben Cleveland - starting offensive right guard. very cute video!