I see Michigan convinced a kid to leave the SEC to lead thier team.
I see Florida was able to turn a kid from OHS.

Is that a big deal?
It is bigger than that, it is huge!

A QB is the main player on a team. You need a lot more to be a winning team, but the QB is essential.
If your team is solid, the QB is needed to be the leader.
If your team is less than solid as most teams are, the QB is expected to win games.

Those two changes above are huge.

All I really care about is CLEMSON.
Our problem is we have many QBs who could lead any team to a Championship.
We have on campus 5 guys who are better than the guys I just posted as to.

Really, that is true. Really, it is true. If you disagree post as to it.

This month another QB will be getting a room here as a Tiger. The top expert as to QBs says this guy is already better than at least 15 QBs playing in the NFL. No one like him has been seen before.

Where does that leave CLEMSON as the QB we have just took us to the CFB finals and will be back? I am a homer, and all can see while this kid can win us a National Championship, he is maybe third best of the lot here even before this new QB god arrives.

I am not worried as to it as our coaches are paid millions to do that for me.
Go Tigers !!