Just read that "Junior" will be on the hill with the "Seniors" this week as this is 'SENIOR Day'. He will graduate at the end of the semester.

He could play here next year, but I would be against that.
I would love that, but I would not advise that.
No player has given more to CLEMSON. I suspect that not even being on the team next year, he still will be a major presence.

The guy is maybe the most friendly and most entertaining player ever at CLEMSON. He is always 100% positive and always in "fun mode".

He cannot be replaced. There will be other great players and some are on the team, now.

Coach Dabo on it:
"Senior Day, sometimes it's about eligibility. It's your last year and you're not graduating yet but your eligibility is up and you're a senior in eligibility," Swinney said. "Other times, it's about school and graduating. It's a big deal being a senior. We make it a big deal around here and always have. Seniors fly first class on the plane. I usually fly coach because I want to put the seniors up there. Even our walk-ons. I think there's something to be said about being a senior and that finishing mentality with graduating and earning your degree to prepare yourself for the rest of your life."

Can Wilkins not come back for his last year and make it to the NFL?
--- yep! He will make million$ and be a bargain for the team he lands with.
In my opinion he is the best defensive lineman in CFB and was that last year.
He is much more than that!! What he brings can't be defined with stats.

I doubt CLEMSON will see his ilk again. I don't mean as a player on the field, but as a "GUY".

As a player he is second to none also: