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Thread: CLEMSON vs FS

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    At the start of the season all experts agreed FS had the most talent in the USA.
    Those guys are still there.

    Like with most teams, our guys are getting too banged up to play.
    These guys are all star players and not able to go on:

    Richard Yeargin, DE
    Logan Rudolph, DE
    Cole Renfrow, TE
    Greg Huegel, PK
    Garrett Williams TE
    Mark Fields, CB
    Dexter Lawrence, DT
    Marcus Edmond, DB
    Kendall Joseph, LB

    The big deal is lack of D players in the back field and in the last game one of the top receievers in the nation played some there to help us win.

    Of all things we lost an all star kicker and have not been able to kick since then. Kickers are very underrated as to winning a game. They are essential.

    The big deal is Muse (not on the list) and Lawrence.
    Can any team loose what may be the best player in the nation and go on?

    Dexter Lawarence is a game changer. Loosing him would change everything for most teams. At Clemson the call is "next man up". That is fun, but is it reality?

    How good will the Clemson "D" be with no Lawrence?
    We already know the "O" is a grab bag of hope.

    I am a fan of decades. This "D" is more than one super star. This week it will again show up as one of the best.

    Having no kicker is a game changer.
    Can the "O" step up?

    Our game is running the QB. I know that, you know that and FS knows that.
    Unlike most teams, FS has the talent to close that down.
    Clemson coaches know that and will adjust?
    In my opinion, no team in America has the skill players as does Clemson.
    Can we get the ball to them?

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    Big game on tap.
    Normally I would be nervous, but today I am not. That is not because I am positive we will win.
    Florida State is the most talented team we have faced and may face. At the start of the season they were ranked #2 for a reason.

    The deal is that CLEMSON has already over-achieved.
    Starting the season I predicted/hoped for 10s win which meant loosing 3. That was "best case".
    Now here we are at 9-1, playing today to clinch the Atlantic Division and been in the FF for two weeks.

    Nobody saw that coming this year after loosing all the offense.
    We have at least 3 games left to play and surely will one and give us the 10 wins I had hoped for. Not many teams win 10 games in a season, but again CLEMSON will. Next year we will be expected to win ten, not the same as "hoping".
    This has been a great year, and it aint over.

    I believe today that IF CLEMSON can get the lead, FS will throw in the towel in the last quarter.
    That would put us in the ACC Champioship against what I hope to be an undefeated Miami. Make no mistake, no matter what happens around the country, the winner of an 11-1Clemson and a 12-0Miami makes it to the Final Four.

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