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Thread: HURRICANE Coming ?

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    HURRICANE Coming ?

    My yard needs rain. I am on the porch hoping this bad guy sends me some.

    Here is the latest update from the YardCrap Weather Station.

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    Looks like another quasi "fizzle" and HUGE over reaction by the MSM "global warming" alarmist. That said, you can't be too careful with a cat 4 hurricane that the great weather modelers cannot predict the path of even a few hours in advance (but they want us to believe that their models can tell us that the Earth will be 6 degrees warmer in ~50 years...always an amount of time past where those alive today can check their predictions! ). What is it now a 2 or a 1? Interestingly "they" admit that the last one this big in this area hit in 1890...wonder what "caused" that one as there was zero "global warming" or man made CO2 issue at that time? "Weather" caused that giant storm then and weather caused this one...100% independent of human's puny, tiny, insignificant activities on Earth. The height of arrogance and stupidity to believe humans could cause or prevent these monsters of nature from doing whatever the fuck they want! Per usual, man must rebuild and just get the F out of the way of these monsters and hope they "zig" instead of "zag" when headed your way 'cause no predicting nor changing the will of mother nature! Good luck to all effected by this current act of God....not puny little man! (fleas on elephants don't dictate where or when the elephant decides to take a shit...nor how big it is!). Amen...
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    100% right Ed.

    I can see you don't care if I survive this.

    The media uses catastrophe and the threat of it to sell adds.

    Things do happen as they have for millions of years. Man has zero influence over that.

    My opinion is that if you choose to live in a storm zone, an earth quake zone, a fire zone, a flood zone, or a WTF zone - no tax $$ should go there. I am all for helping, and that should be voluntary.

    Wealthy pople who choose to live on the coast will now rebuild with my $$, and do it again when the next storm arrives. I don't blame them and would do the same.

    The Al Gore people and Hillary blaming this, and well any thing, on man made climate change is a sad attempt to rally the uneducated among us. It shows you who they are as they know better.

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