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Thread: Fish Pond is healthy

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    Fish Pond is healthy

    My fish pond is doing good. The temp is up to 78 and the fish are eating a lot. Here they are tearing up the water as they believed I was going to toss some food:
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    They are really big and fat. The Koi must be near ten pounds, they are about 7 years old. The fat Gold Fish are all descended from the original batch I brought here from my old home in 2001. Some of them are spectacular. Here is the pond (food now floating at the photo bottom). I have a bug light that drops lots of bugs (free food) in to them at night, and they congregate there after dark.

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    Over in the Frog Pond are a couple just starting to grow. I have some scarey big Frogs.

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    Looks fantastic!

    I hope one day I'm able to retire & am still young enough to enjoy similar pursuits~

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