Check out the super-early game lines for opening weekend below, via @5Dimes:

Thursday, Sept. 3
Duke at Tulane (+20.5)
TCU at Minnesota (+19.5)
North Carolina vs. South Carolina (-7.5) -- Charlotte, N.C.
Michigan at Utah (-3.5)

Friday, Sept. 4
Baylor at SMU (+35.5)
Kent State at Illinois (-17)

Saturday, Sept. 5
Arizona State at Texas A&M (-5.5) -- Houston
Alabama vs. Wisconsin (+12.5) -- Arlington, Texas
Virginia at UCLA (-16)
Texas at Notre Dame (-12.5)
Auburn vs. Louisville (+12.5) -- Atlanta, Ga.

Sunday, Sept. 6
Purdue at Marshall (-13.5)

Monday, Sept. 7
Ohio State at Virginia Tech (+20.5)

Looks to be a fun opening week.
I am especially eager to see the Auburn-Louisville game.
It is hard for me to believe that OS is that big a favorite at VT.
I don't mean just because last year VT won at OS, but because that is a lot of points to put up at VT on a Foster defense. I need to put a $thousand on that. I guess the mob feels VT will score little to nothing. That has been the case lately.