I am not a fan of the state of Kentucky. It is a state of inbred idiots who sway in the wind with no back bone.

That said, The U of Louisville is putting out some really good sports teams. They have been basketball heavy, but that changed sometime back. Now they do it all. I believe they have the best baseball team in the nation this year.
Their endowment is $876.8 million as opposed to Clemson at just $623million. I bring that up as it is extremely important as to recruiting, especially in sports other than football and basketball. In baseball-etc these days, Clemson cannot match the $$ being legally paid to players as can UL, UNC, UNC, DUKE, VA, etc. The extra money is just not available, and it really hurts recruiting.

Last year UL football took a giant leap. They did that by hiring a disgraced cast off coach from Arkansas everyone wanted but was too PC to hire. Look back and you can find where I applauded the move. The guy is a AAA coach and his violations were not academic fraud or anything illegal with players, just chasing tail (not student tail). This guy is a football coach.

This year my Tigers travel to Louisville to take on the Cardinals early in a Thursday night ESPN matchup. We never do well on Thursdays and it is away.

Last year they came to Death Valley (first time in my memory), and the Tigers failed to score an offensive touchdown. It was a scarey game and Tigers prevailed with defense 23-17. UL impressed the hell outa me.

Since then the Tigers lost eight starters off defense. UL lost some players too, but has brought in Jr College players and experienced transfers. Clemson rarely does that and plays the guys who originally chose to be here.

This UL team will be very talented, and like I have said, the coach is excellent. They will be ready to play.

09/05/15 vs Auburn
09/12/15 vs. Houston .
09/17/15 vs. Clemson
09/26/15 vs. Samford
10/03/15 at NC State
10/17/15 at Florida State
10/24/15 vs. Boston College
10/30/15 at Wake Forest
11/07/15 vs. Syracuse
11/14/15 vs. Virginia
11/21/15 at Pittsburgh
11/28/15 at Kentucky

It hard to examine that schedule and see more than three losses. Maybe there are none.