I don't mean like the new UNC helmets or snazzy Oregon uniforms.

The new Clemson look over the next few seasons will change.
Clemson is now known as "Wide Receiver U".
I don't mean that is changing as NFL type receivers are on campus and more have already committed. We are flush. As a bonus, finally a long forgotten guy (Peak) is free of injury for his last season:excitement:. His potential is NFL. No experts are looking his way, but I am. Remember the name.

The new Clemson look will come in the form of guys like these:

Yall know the Perry bothers played here - right?

That looks like fun until you understand these are tall 300# kids who have cat like quickness.
Just feeding one would break a family budget.
Clemson will put them into a professional level strength training program, and they will emerge as monsters.

These are not fat kids. They are already the best of the best. Now professional coaches (who are highly paid) will teach them foot work and schemes, kinda like Kung-Fu.
The result will be like seldom seen at Clemson in the past decade.

It is not just these two, but more not in the photo and more already committed for 2016.
Depth is the key for linemen. It is an "off the chart" hard place to live unless "you" are the monster in the slot. The line is the deal. Monsters are on campus.

I am not saying the cupboard is bare for 2015, but 2016 will be a step up for Clemson.
This year we will be very good, and for the years after --> off the chart.
This year the line looks like a team forming inside a team, no problems expected.
Can the players with experience keep the new kids on the bench? I hope so, but it will be tough.

I know this level lineman is common at the power schools with a big $budget.
It is not the norm at Clemson. Still, they are now arriving.
It is a really big deal.