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    Air Clemson

    A Citation CJ2+ jet that Clemson University’s athletics department would like to purchase for recruiting.


    Clemson University is one step closer to being allowed to purchase a jet plane for athletic recruiting trips.

    The Joint Bond Review Committee on Wednesday approved the university’s request to spend between $3.5 million and $6 million to purchase a 2006 or newer jet plane.

    Before the university can purchase a plane, the state Budget and Control Board also must OK the purchasing plan, which requires no state taxpayer money.
    Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hugh Leatherman said he thinks the purchase of the jet is "wise," .

    IPTAY, Clemson's booster club, has set aside $4.5 million for the purchase. If the cost is higher, the university could seek additional booster dollars or use athletic department revenues to make up the difference.

    The plane would become the university’s second aircraft, and a faster alternative to the turboprop plane the Tigers already own. The plane also would have an annual cost of $709,415 to operate. The athletic department will pay all operations and maintenance costs as it does now does for the King Air.
    Athletic Director Dan Radakovich said the new plane would decrease demand on the prop plane and nearly eliminate the need for the university to charter flights for recruiting purposes.
    Last year, Clemson spent $278,000 on chartered flights.
    "And that's all I have to say about that."

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    request to spend between $3.5 million and $6 million to purchase a 2006 or newer jet plane.
    Chump change! Duke's Coach K makes $9M per year.....but it's good to see Clempson get onto the money trail.

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    Coach K is worth what ever they are paying him, like Saban at Alabama Both may be underpaid.

    I am positive Clemson's Dabo is underpaid.

    I say don't buy some ten year old jet, buy a new one. In the long run it will be cheaper. I kinda like this one:


    It would also be handy to bomb USuCk with.

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    Every year Clemson dedicates one football game to appreciation of the USA Military. On campus are equipment displays and soldiers selling recruitment.
    Clemson ain't like some colleges that ban the Military, quite the opposite.

    The Star Spangled banner plays and at the precise second it ends, Air Force jets come low from nowhere at a million miles an hour over the stadium. No matter how many times you experience it, it will tingle your spine.

    Clemson has Air Force and Army ROTC, in the day it was mandatory.
    One jet is always flown by a Clemson guy. The planes cross the entire state and return to Charleston Air Force Base. By half time the Clemson Pilot has returned and is in the public address booth. At that speed, probably takes a couple seconds.

    Not to be out done, Army guys deliver the game ball. This video is awesome as it shows area around the campus. Clemson is on Lake Hartwell, you can see it from your football seats. Big city colleges may have strip clubs, but not this!!

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